How to Post a PDF on Facebook.

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PDFs and Facebook are both integral to modern-day communication – but bringing them together often poses a challenge. Many people are unsure how they can share a PDF on Facebook.

PDFs are everywhere, from restaurant menus to business contracts. Surprisingly, though, it seems they are often missing from Facebook posts. When we hit the '+' button on Facebook, we get a plethora of options. You can upload images, GIFs, music files, and video files among others - but there's no option to upload that important PDF document.

So, is there a way to upload a PDF on a Facebook post? The answer is 'yes'. You need a little workaround. It's simple, secure, and you can do it in minutes.

What you’ll learn

How to add a PDF to Facebook.

Let's get one thing clear: Facebook doesn't allow posting PDF docs on personal pages. You can upload PDFs on Facebook's business pages, but both options require a bit of tech savvy magic. To find out how to upload a PDF to Facebook for your business, follow these simple instructions:

This is currently the easiest way to upload a PDF document on Facebook.

How to post a PDF on your personal Facebook page.

Currently, there is no way to upload a PDF on Facebook as a standalone post. This can be a real inconvenience for people who want to post PDF content like their degrees, official documentation, diplomas, menus, or promotional offers.

Even though there's no way to jailbreak Facebook and upload a PDF on personal pages, you can still post the content of your PDF doc without having to modify it.

Convert your PDF to JPG or PNG.

PNG and JPG are the two leading image file formats. Both these files work seamlessly on Facebook. You can upload them on any Facebook page where image upload is allowed.

Here's how to convert your PDF securely.

Screenshot of Adobe Acrobat convert PDF to JPG select a file page

Screenshot of Adobe Acrobat convert PDF to JPG dialogue box with annotations

That's it. Your PDF is now converted to an image file, ready for you to upload to Facebook.

How to share a PDF on Facebook.

Sharing a PDF document on Facebook faces the same challenges as posting a PDF. Facebook gives it users no straightforward way to share PDF files with other Facebook users.

Adobe Acrobat is the ultimate tool for all things PDF - from signing and commenting to editing and blacking out. Naturally, Adobe Acrobat is also your best friend for sharing PDFs on Facebook.

Frequently asked questions.

How can I unlock a PDF document?

First, open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and enter the existing password to gain access.
Now you can remove the password protection by clicking on Tools  >  Protect  >  Encrypt  >  Remove Security  which will open a new window.

You can now unselect any activated security options to unlock the PDF to others. But remember that this means that the contents of your PDF can be read by anyone.

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader free to use?

Yes, Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to both download and use. The premium version unlocks powerful features that make working with PDFs a breeze. The free version will give you access to most of the basic functions – including the PDF share feature.

Can I use Adobe Acrobat to share PDFs on PC and Mac?

Of course. You have a couple of options. You can either download Adobe Acrobat on your PC or Mac and use the service. Or you can go online and visit Adobe Acrobat to start using the web app. From there you can view, edit, and share the PDF with your Facebook followers with Adobe's cloud link.