Quickly build and deploy enterprise-ready applications.

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition is a robust platform for scalable, high-performing web and mobile applications.

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise

Meet ColdFusion Enterprise  (2016 release)

Take advantage of the security code analyzer to automatically detect vulnerabilities in code, and use the API Manager to extend reach via APIs. Benefit from performance improvements to run existing code as much as 30% faster. 
Embrace leading-edge technologies.
Move your APIs swiftly from concept to production with the all-new API Manager. Manage APIs across their lifecycle, get insights into usage and track all aspects of performance. Secure your APIs, restrict access beyond a specified threshold and maximize returns on your APIs through the developer portal. 
Deploy enterprise-ready applications.
Get unprecedented control over PDF generation and manipulation using new capabilities like redaction and sanitization. Use the new security code analyzer to automatically detect vulnerabilities. Leverage performance enhancements to make existing applications work faster.
Build applications quickly.
Work faster with new features that include a command-line interface, CFML enhancements, SOAP to REST translation and web services support. Leverage your existing CFML skills to develop mobile apps, and use built-in integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build.

Feature highlights

ColdFusion API Management platform
Publish and oversee APIs in a secure and scalable environment. Readily import ColdFusion based REST services into the API management gateway by configuring the ColdFusion server within the API Manager admin portal. Set up API Manager and ColdFusion to share the same JVM for faster access when the load is minimal.
HTML to PDF conversion
 Use the powerful conversion engine from Adobe to generate superior quality PDF files from HTML pages. The engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the content in the PDF appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining its formatting, layout and hyperlinks.  
Command-line interface
Work faster by using CFML for your scripting needs. Execute CFM files via the command line to work with files, databases and email or invoke web services. Pass named or positional parameters to the CFM files for dynamic customization.
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Customer stories

Software developer rapidly updates scalable projectmanagement solutions that keep customers on track.
Enterprise resource planning tools built and deployed with ColdFusion put information and people to work to improve revenue.
Service management company relies on Adobe ColdFusion to build a world-class, cloud-based help desk and customer service platform. 
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Turning up the heat on API development with ColdFusion 2016.

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