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Adobe Government Webinar Series

July 10-24, 2014


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Adobe Analytics (Insight) – Real-time Data Collection, Visualization & Analysis ›

Adobe Document Services: Correspondence Management Solution ›

Adobe Document Services: Correspondence Management Solution ›


Attend an online webinar to learn how Adobe helps government agencies deliver information to the edge, transforming and extending processes to provide a richer, more productive and trusted experience with constituents, agency personnel, and the military.


Adobe Analytics (Insight) – Real-time Data Collection, Visualization & Analysis
Thursday, July, 10 2014

With Adobe's Big Data Analytics solution, you can collect, process, analyze, and visualize Big Data from online and offline user interactions, as well as, pulling data from internal and external systems. More importantly, perform the analysis in real time and at scale, so you can quickly turn terabytes of information into actionable information that can be shared with stakeholders and used to make decisions that can improve the performance of your organization. Obtaining real-time insight into your business processes and user data can help predict user and system events before they happen, and proactively find anomalies in complex data sets to uncover hidden information that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Adobe Document Services: Correspondence Management Solution
Thursday, July, 17, 2014

Description forthcoming

Adobe Acrobat XI: Accelerate Document Workflows and Improve Security
Thursday, July 24, 2014

In this webinar, we will learn how the newest features of Acrobat XI will help your agency improve collaboration, enhance productivity, ensure security and enable mobile document workflows. We will demonstrate easy reuse of PDF content, new automation options, and distributing standards-compliant documents, as well as covering document encryption, secure digital signatures, redaction, PDF-based shared review, forms data collection, and new integrations with MS Sharepoint.


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