Generating native mobile apps and richer EPUBS with new RoboHelp 2015

July 01, 2015

A special session where you can meet a RoboHelp engineer and ask questions from a member of the team who knows the product on a "code" level! RoboHelp 2015 Release has expanded your capabilities for publishing for mobile users well beyond viewing HTML5 responsive on phones and tablets. Now you can easily generate a downloadable, native mobile app for iOs or Android. This session will also cover a huge improvement to EPUB output; the ability to embed custom fonts in your output.

  • Discover 2 easy ways that your consumers can download the app
  • See how you can easily set up the required Adobe PhoneGap Build that makes it all possible
  •  See how the app would actually display on a smartphone in this live webinar

This session will also review over the new product capability of embedding custom fonts in EPUB output from FrameMaker. Incidentally, RoboHelp 2015 now supports Right-to-Left language and layout support for both Arabic and Hebrew for all forms of generated output.

Our presenter is Adobe's Amit Jha, who manages developer and QA test team of FrameMaker & RoboHelp. His recent focus has been multichannel, mobile publishing and collaborative work flow. Amit has heavy career expertise in developing document authoring, editing & layout, Knowledge-Base authoring & publishing technology. His technical specialities include: HTML, JavaScript, Machine Learning, CSS, C, C++, Architecture/Design, authoring/publishing domain, Visual C++, XML.

Publish FrameMaker XML to a new platform: HTML5 for a universal eReader

July 29, 2015

Multi-channel publishing using XML is not a new concept. Industries like aerospace, automotive, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, reference, government and education know the benefits of XML and its flexibility to adapt and change with new technologies.

HTML5 is a relatively new technology and has quickly gained momentum for developing enterprise applications, just ask the Financial Times. HTML5 is not holistic, but a group of technologies that relies on JavaScript and CSS to make it work. Off-line storage usually hogs the limelight but it really is so much more.

eGloo Technologies has developed a dramatically new HTML5 eReader, tekReader, that consumes and displays content derived from custom XML and common vocabularies like DITA and S1000D. tekReader allows the user to read and interact with their data rich documents on popular mobile devices equipped with modern web browsers. This includes information that has been traditionally published to 11x17 inch fold-outs for schematics and SVG diagrams.

Built in responsive and adaptive design caters ro document reading on any screen size … imagine opening up and viewing large wiring diagrams on a smart phone!  The XML content foundation also allows for MathML rendering and multiple language support. FrameMaker 12 is the perfect tool to create, edit and publish custom XML, DITA and S1000D directly to tekReader. 

This session will look at:

  • A deep dive into HTML5
  • An overview of tekReader
  • Creating and editing FrameMaker 12 documents for tekReader
  • Publishing FrameMaker 12 documents to tekReader

About our Presenter: Don Stolee is the founder and CEO of eGloo Technologies. Since 2002 he has been responsible for formulating and managing eGloo's strategic direction while identifying and capitalising on business opportunities that leverage off the company's experience and skills. Since 1988 Don has been involved with document and information management systems based on structured languages. He has been extensively involved with planning, coordinating and delivering complex data conversion and application development projects within aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, military, legal, government, pharmaceutical and reference. Don has a close association with Adobe and has been developing Structured FrameMaker applications since the early '90s. 

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