Adobe Connect Webinar Series

April 01, 2015 - May 12, 2015
Wednesday, April 01,2015
Thursday, April 02,2015
Thursday, May 07,2015
Tuesday, May 12,2015

Join leading industry experts as they discuss real-world e-learning issues, strategies, and best practices. Understand what the future holds and learn how to improve your development practices and training content to meet those challenges.

Getting Started with Adobe Connect - Online Training Webinar Series

April 01-03, 2015
Wednesday, April 01,2015
Thursday, April 02,2015
Friday, April 03,2015

Get the most from your experience with Adobe Connect by attending this series of live training sessions. These sessions are meant to build on each other and we strongly suggest that you take them in order as the concepts build on each other throughout the series; 1 Getting Started Mondays 2 Beyond the Basics Tuesdays 3 15 Tips and Tricks Wednesdays 4 Event Module Made Easy Thursdays 5 Reporting and Analytics Fridays

You will receive step-by-step instructions on setting up and using your trial or new account. All sessions start at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Adobe Connect Daily Demos

April 01-06, 2015
Wednesday, April 01,2015
Thursday, April 02,2015
Friday, April 03,2015
Monday, April 06,2015

<>Join us each day at 1pmPT/4pmET for a live demonstration of Adobe Connect for collaboration, eLearning or webinars. Special session: Adobe recently announced the next release of Adobe Connect. Version 9.3 brings a number of exciting new features and improved workflows to Adobe Connect. Join us for this webinar to see how these features can improve how you collaborate.

Horses for courses! Switch to mobile learning and stay ahead

April 02, 2015

In today’s device-rich world, it’s absolutely essential to make your eLearning courses available, on all the devices, irrespective of their varying screen sizes, in the best possible manner. With so many variables, the question is, how many versions of your eLearning courses do you need? We say just one!
Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Sr. Adobe eLearning Evangelist, to learn how to author just once to create responsive eLearning projects that deliver the most appropriate learner experience irrespective of the device its consumed on. She will also show you how to use the native capabilities of mobile devices and share some best practices for creating mobile learning courses with Adobe. Captivate 8.

Virtual Tours of Adobe® Connect™

April 07, 2015 - May 19, 2015
Tuesday, April 07,2015
Tuesday, April 07,2015
Tuesday, May 19,2015
Tuesday, May 19,2015

Join us for an exciting and informative webinar introducing the newest version of Adobe’s web conferencing and communication tool, Adobe Connect.

What’s your choice? 4 Ways to Create Mobile Learning

April 09, 2015

Interested in creating mobile learning content, but not sure of the options available? Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh as she shows you four different ways for creating and accessing mobile learning. She will help you take the right decision based on your training requirements and resources available and talk about the pros and cons of each option. You will also learn about the best practices and get all your mLearning-related questions answered.
Register now to get started with mLearning!

Virtual Tour of Adobe Connect for Marketing Webinars

April 09, 2015 - May 21, 2015
Thursday, April 09,2015
Thursday, May 21,2015

Discover ten ways to make your job easier and your webinars more interactive and engaging with Adobe Connect web conferencing.

5 Reasons to Migrate from Word to FrameMaker

April 10, 2015

 Over the years, FrameMaker has proven to be a wise investment for many Word users who have demanding and growing workloads. In this 45 minute session, Adobe Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann, will cover the "top 5" reasons for migrating to FrameMaker. 

The product features focused on in this event are drawn from years of interaction and research with Word users. Whether you use Word, or know someone who has outgrown the limits of that product, this session is for you.

About the presenter:  Maxwell Hoffmann is Adobe's Product Evangelist for Tech Comm. With over 20 years experience in tech comm production and 15 concurrent years in translation/localization, Maxwell has trained over 1,200 people in hands-on sessions covering scalable, multi-channel publishing resources. He has focused on publishing solutions "beyond paper" for the past 18 years.

Discover the Difference Webinar Series

April 16, 2015 - May 28, 2015
Thursday, April 16,2015
Thursday, May 28,2015

Is your web conferencing solution meeting all your online collaboration and training needs? Join us to discover the difference.

5-part series: Everything You Need to Know About FrameMaker

April 21, 2015 - May 14, 2015
Tuesday, April 21,2015
Tuesday, May 05,2015
Thursday, May 14,2015

Sess 1: Advanced Template Tips in Regular and XML FrameMaker

Looking to get more out of your templates? Get to know more about reference pages, master pages, and the way that paragraphs and elements in XML interact with them. When and how do you create a single "master template" as opposed to multiple templates for front matter ... [Click to read more]

Sess 2: Strategies for Publishing Rich Media to Print & Mobile

Conditional text, insets, variables, and a broad mix of unstructured or structured content means you run the risks of time consuming--or even worse, broken--procedures when it comes to publishing to multiple channels and multiple audiences. Reduce the risks by following a set of clear step-by-step rules when ... [click to read more]

Sess 3: Plan, Write, Publish. Using FrameMaker XML Author

Getting started with XML? Planning to? Get to know how FrameMaker XML Author and the related workspace needs to be configured to enable you to plan your DITA content, create and edit topics, and publish to output using either the DITA Open Toolkit, or FrameMaker's default templates and ... [click to read more]

Sess 4: Back to basics. Tips and trips for unstructured FrameMaker

There are still great use cases for unstructured FrameMaker and this session touches on ideas that every writer, template developer, and user of FrameMaker should be aware of. Tips for templates, customizations of tables, development of cross-reference formats, paragraph and ... [click to read more]

Sess 5: The 1-2-3s of FrameMaker EDDs

The Element Definition Document. It drives element order, element frequency, and formats for every structured template. The templateis in use by every XML file you open including DITA defaults. What does the 'stuff' in the EDD mean? Lines like "title, shortdesc?, body?" or "cmd, info | stepxmp | choices*, stepresult?" and related rules? And where does formatting comes from?... [click to read more]

About our Presenter: Bernard Aschwanden solves documentation based problems and helps companies generate more revenue. He is the founder of Publishing Smarter, an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication STC, and the Vice President of STC. Bernard has helped hundreds of companies implement successful solutions.

FrameMaker Automation Ideas with Examples

April 29, 2015

FrameMaker and ExtendScript expert Rick Quatro demonstrates some of the most useful scripts that he has written. See what kind of FrameMaker automation is possible with ExtendScript. You will be surprised what FrameMaker can do with some help from ExtendScript.

About our Presenter: Rick Quatro is president of Carmen Publishing Inc. and has been providing FrameMaker support and automation for over 20 years. He is a renowned FrameScript expert that has written thousands of automation scripts for clients all over the world. Rick also provides automated, data-driven publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.

Getting Your RoboHelp Projects “Fit” for an Upgrade

April 30, 2015

In this webinar, Beth Gerber, from Lightext, Inc. will provide insights and techniques for getting your RoboHelp projects “fit” for an upgrade. This includes ways to eliminate inline styles, create and apply robust style sheets and master pages, and how to ensure your conversion goes as smoothly as possible.

We will look “under the hood” at projects that are properly designed for upgrades and will also discuss the benefits for staying on top of software releases. Insights are based on assisting customers with RoboHelp implementations, upgrades and content redesign for the past 20 years.

Lightext, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides technical writing and training solutions, primarily for the financial services industry, but their 20 years of knowledge of working with RoboHelp can be applied to all industries and applications.

Public Beta E-seminar: Everything about Mobile Application Development and ColdFusion Splendor

ColdFusion Splendor gives you the power to leverage your existing CFML skills to build enterprise-class mobile applications – both installed apps as well as mobile web applications. Add Mobile Application Development to your skillset by understanding what Splendor offers to you. While there are multiple existing solutions to handle the individual solutions for building, testing, debugging and deploying mobile apps, ColdFusion becomes the unique platform to solve all the challenges associated with the entire workflow of mobile application development. Sign up now to understand the details!

Presenter: Ram Kulkarni, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

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