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Meet Adobe RoboHelp Server 10

Adobe RoboHelp Server 10 extends the capabilities of Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe FrameMaker. Merge multiple segments of Help content, including responsive HTML5 content, into a unified information system. Host it for anytime, anywhere, any device access. Optimize content with extensive analytics on usage. Manage user authentication, and take advantage of simplified deployment and configuration. 

Get the most out of RoboHelp Server 10


Introduction to RoboHelp Server 10
Learn how RoboHelp Server makes it easy to host and track content, with support for 
single-click publishing from RoboHelp or FrameMaker

Feature highlights


Easily host Help content, including responsive HTML5
Easily host Help content, including responsive HTML5
Host responsive HTML5 content created with Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe FrameMaker, and make it available for access over the web.  Enable users to easily access a vast repository of Help content, in HTML5 or WebHelp format, anytime, from anywhere, using virtually any device.
Conveniently create, manage and track content
Conveniently create, manage and track content
Take the hassle out of repetitive time-consuming tasks. Work on different parts of a project simultaneously and automatically merge them while publishing to create a unified online information system. Get extensive analytics reports, including reports for responsive HTML5 output. Easily customize reports to slice and dice usage data for insights that help you optimize your content.
Efficiently deploy, configure and authenticate
Efficiently deploy, configure and authenticate
Use the Configuration manager to configure search, database and admin settings. Segregate Help content into protected and public areas, and assign rights to individual users or groups. Manage projects, user accounts and groups remotely with an intuitive UI. Allow users to access content from the familiar, user-friendly interface of modern browsers.
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Find out why the industry experts are all excited about the latest release of RoboHelp Server. 

"Adobe RoboHelp Server 10 has pleasantly surprised many of my enterprise-level customers. They assumed that powerful Dynamic Content Filters and Responsive HTML5 support for all screen sizes would be very difficult to deploy. Happily, Adobe RoboHelp Server 10 is easy to install and support. End-users are extremely impressed with the ability to "self-select" exactly the content they are looking for. In addition to this, there are many feedback reports and Google-style analytics that authors use to refine and update content. These are features we have not found in any other authoring tool."
John Daigle,
Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor,
Evergreen Online Learning, LLC  
“In the new release of Adobe RoboHelp, the latest HTML5 Responsive Layouts support Dynamic Filtering giving users the option to filter the content and see just what is relevant to them. Content Categories in WebHelp gave users the ability to choose sub-sets that had been defined by the author. Dynamic Filtering in HTML5 goes much further as the author can give more options and the user gets to choose which ones they want. Also the author can easily create an app in both iOS and Android formats..”
Peter Grainge, Owner,

Discover how our customers leverage RoboHelp Server for competitive advantage.

Algonquin College
Algonquin College
Canadian college prepares students to succeed in a connected world, using Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe RoboHelp.
Tanner Corporate Services
Technical communications consultant improves access to documents and usability with new ways to share information across locations with Adobe RoboHelp.
Altera Corporation
Global leader in high-tech logic solutions and semiconductors uses Adobe RoboHelp to accelerate development and delivery of rich, online technical Help resources.

Excellent tools. Exceptional support.  

“I am grateful for the Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support team’s expertise in helping me pinpoint my problem”
 Johnny Hayes, Technical Writer, Electrolux
"Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support is friendly and highly knowledgeable. I've enjoyed the level and promptness of the support every time. It’s definitely the best support unit I have come across. Outstanding job!"
 Navin Mathew, Senior Technical Writer, Symphony Teleca Corp.
“I called Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support and my problem was taken care of immediately. I am impressed with the ease of contacting the support team and with their level of responsiveness!”
Gary Richardson, Senior Technical Writer, Fabric Technical Publications Group, Intel

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