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HTML5 and CSS3 authoring support

Create highly immersive content experiences with out-of-the-box HTML5 and CSS3 authoring support. Easily add videos, audio, images, text effects and other elements.

Powerful skin editor

Give templates a unique look and feel with the powerful and easy-to-use skin editor. The revamped default skins give existing templates a refreshing look.

Next-generation Frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts

Deliver a superior content experience using the new Frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts with intuitive navigation, unique URLs for SEO, and best-in-class search. Easily show or hide widgets such as glossary and TOC.

Better accessibility with top navigation bar

Make navigating on devices with various form factors easy with new Frameless HTML5 layouts featuring a navigation bar in the header.

Greater content accessibility

Deliver content that accommodates users’ special needs. Section 508 compliant Frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts let you create content that is accessible to all users.

Favorites in Responsive HTML5 layouts

Provide users the option to mark topics as favourites in Responsive HTML5 layouts, saving them time and effort to locate frequently used content.

Search autocorrect

Enhance the end-user search experience with automatic identification of mistyped search queries using fuzzy logic to display relevant results based on the closest match.

Optimized search engine

Deliver best-in-class search results to end users with an enhanced search engine powered by a new algorithm and highlighting of the searched word.

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