The 2017 release of Adobe RoboHelp lets you create and deliver content for any device. Do more with several authoring productivity enhancements. Create next-generation Responsive HTML5 layouts with best-in class search. Generate content-centric mobile apps.
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Next-generation Responsive HTML5 layouts
Deliver personalized content experiences with new frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts that provide intuitive navigation and best-in-class search. Easily show or hide widgets, such as glossary and TOC.
Search faster with autocomplete
Deliver best-in-class search experience to end-users with first-of-its-kind search autocomplete and more contextual search results. Provide users with automatic suggestions as they type, displaying the frequency of occurrence for each alongside.
Ability to add thumbnails
Now publish and view images as thumbnails that expand on clicking, making it easier to render and view content on mobile devices.



Greater content accessibility
Deliver content to accommodate your users’ special needs. The 508 compliant HTML5 layouts let you create content that is accessible to all users.



Add favorites in Responsive HTML5 layouts
Provide users the option to mark topics as favorites in Responsive HTML5 layouts, saving them time and effort to locate frequently used content.
Out-of-the-box support for social widgets
Use the integrated support for social widgets in the new Responsive HTML5 layouts to make content easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter.
Optimized HTML5 output
Now experience as much as a 50% reduction in loading time, file size savings of about 20KB per topic, and smoother transitions between pages with faster, more responsive HTML5 output.
Maintained TOC state in HTML5 output
Work more conveniently by maintaining the TOC state—as the new Responsive HTML5 output remembers the state of the books. Two or more books can be expanded simultaneously.
Single-click Responsive HTML5 publishing
Generate next-generation Responsive HTML5 output for multiple devices, even for legacy content. Provide a consistent user experience across devices by selecting a layout from a gallery of Responsive HTML5 layouts.
Responsive HTML5 layout editor
Create customized Responsive HTML5 layouts on the fly with the intuitive layout editor. Add logos, match colors to your brand palette, style widget text and add icons. Also choose which widgets are displayed for tablets, smartphones and desktops.





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