Brighten your designs with bright yellow.

Explore how bright yellow can perk up your designs.

Think of bright yellow like yellow kicked up a notch. But how do you make yellow more yellow? Like the name suggests, it’s all in the “brightness,” or intensity, of the yellow. Bright yellow shares the same hex code, #FFFF00, as yellow. Like regular yellow, it’s also made of R: 255, G: 255, and B: 0 in an RGB color space, and is closely related to yellow-green (#9ACD32) and orange (#FFA500).

Learn more below about how to use bright yellow in your designs, from logos to color schemes.

More about the color yellow.

Although bright yellow isn’t a particularly popular color, it goes well with most other colors, especially deep or cool tones like navy blue, indigo, lavender, and gray. See below for a list of themes that compliment bright yellow.

Brighten up.

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