Colors that go well with gray.

Gray isn’t flashy and seldom seeks attention, but it plays a critical part in any palette. This article uncovers why this quiet actor plays such an important role.

The child of prominent parents black and white, gray can be professional, modern, sophisticated, and sleek. It’s neutral and unemotional but makes the perfect backdrop for bright and vibrant colors. Gray is versatile because when the script calls for it, it can also evoke gloom and hopelessness. Plus, you can use it with other colors to emphasize a theme of maternity and responsibility.

How to use gray with other colors.

Every color has a unique purpose, and for gray, it is primarily a supporting role. Oh, sure, you can use gray to portray darkness and shadows, but its most important job is to help other colors shine. Gray is that quiet background that makes the hero color of your design stand out. Here are some ideas for combining gray with different colors:

Gray is often associated with aging and can even be used to present a sense of dullness. However, because our eyes are attuned to notice contrasts, gray is perfect for backgrounds and accents that emphasize the star of your design.

Gray is the most utilitarian color, but its role should never be underestimated. Learn more art, graphic design, and color ideas for your creative projects.

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