Flutter your creativity with butterfly blue.

Let your imagination fly with these expert design tips on how to use butterfly blue in your next project.

Butterfly blue is a soft yet vibrant hue named after the Blue Morpho Didius Butterfly — and it’s a beautiful mixture of cyan color. Butterfly blue is an easy color to work with — you just need some color codes and palette inspiration to get started.

What does butterfly blue mean?

Butterfly blue has a relaxing, calming effect. Use this color in your artwork and designs to send messages of:

Use it as is or discover more about the psychology and meaning behind other color choices.

Build a butterfly blue palette.

Butterfly blue couples well with black for a unique and striking look — much like the butterfly it’s named after. If you want a nautical or Mediterranean feel, pull butterfly blue together with blue grotto, blue-green, and white. And for an earthy look, pair butterfly blue with muted greens and grays.

You can also play with different shades and intensities of butterfly blue for stunning results. Work with the color codes below and check out professional graphic design tips for more inspiration.




Butterfly blue color codes.

Open your favorite graphic design tool then copy and paste these color conversion codes to yield butterfly blue.

Butterfly blue is a versatile color that’s ready to inspire any work of art. Discover what more you can do to up your color creativity with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign today.