Creating 4 color sets that go great together.

Four color sets can make stunning design combinations.

Colors are more than just a visual experience. In fact, according to color theory and color psychology, all colors have specific meanings that affect the way people perceive messages, respond to images, and feel about products.

In other words, colors have impact and can therefore be used as powerful tools for designers and artists. Keep reading to learn more about 4 color combinations that can guide your design toward success.

Why pair colors together?

Colors, when combined correctly, can make or break the success of your design and your messaging. The right 4 color combinations can boost your message and make it more meaningful, while the wrong combination can distract from your message or change it entirely.

The art of combining colors is tricky, especially when you start working with more than two or three at once. Unique tools like the Adobe Color Wheel are useful color palette generators. They can help you visualize and implement new, complex color palettes based on fundamental color harmony rules.

You can generate endless four color combinations by picking a base color and then seeing where the Square mode takes you, exploring a Monochromatic color scheme, or playing around with various Shades related to your base color. (You can even produce compatible combinations of five or more colors by selecting the Double Split Complementary or Compound modes.)

The world of color possibilities generated by the Color Wheel gives you perfect hands-on practice in pairing perfect palettes.

4 colors that go great together.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here’s one basic list of 4 colors that go great together. Think about choosing them for your first four color design combination:

Of course, your own opinions and perceptions about color combinations should come into play, too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors as you see fit.

Create compelling color combinations for your designs.

Ultimately, the key to creating beautiful, compelling designs or art is to do so on your terms. But understanding color theory and color psychology can help, and with a few tools and tips you’ll be on your way to mastering color in no time.

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