Cognac color — a symbol of refinement in design.

Learn more about this rustic yet refined color, and how it can elevate your designs, logos, illustrations and more.

When you imagine the color palette of a regal home, a luxurious library, or even an elevated brand, cognac is likely one of the colors that come to mind. Artists and designers everywhere use color to symbolize meaning, with cognac often representing a sense of wealth and refinement. Let’s dive into how you can use this color effectively in your next illustration or design concept.

The meaning of cognac.

Cognac is a natural, earthy color with reddish-brown hues. As you may have guessed, this color gets its name from the French variety of brandy. Its rich hues and association with the drink give this color a feeling of prestige, maturity, and sophistication. Cognac also symbolizes wealth, reliability, luxury, power, and refinement.

Explore similar colors.

Burnt sienna (#E97451) embodies the same reddish tint as cognac, while saddle brown (#793730) plays up more of its brownish hues. Tan #D2B48C is considerably lighter in color but carries a similar sense of neutrality and versatility as cognac, which may prove useful when you’re balancing colors.

Colors that pair well with cognac.

The colors that best complement cognac are the ones you’ll find in the same color family — think lighter and darker shades of reds, as well as copper, taupe, beige, and raw umber.

If you’re looking to create a sense of contrast in your designs, try mixing cognac with dark greens and deep indigos. The pairing of cognac and royal purple can also create a lively duo. Discover even more ways you can put the color wheel to work in your graphic design concepts.

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