How to pick the best lens for concert photography.

Learn some of the basics behind picking the best lens for capturing compelling concert photography.

If you love stunning photos captured during a band’s set on stage, you might want to consider adding concert photography to your repertoire. But what does concert photography entail, and how can you pick the most functional lens for this genre?

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What is concert photography?

Concert photography is exactly what it sounds like — the art of taking photos related to music, concerts, musicians, and bands. While concert photography is often a hobby, it can also become a well-paying commercial endeavor.

Dedicated concert photographers should have a solid understanding of factors like shutter speed and aperture, but they should also be willing to research the concerts, musicians, venues, and bands in advance of the shoot. Try to determine the type of music that will be played, any venue oddities, the number of musicians, and beyond.

How to pick the best concert photography lens.

Concert photography demands quality equipment for crisp, stunning images — that starts with picking the right lens for your camera body. You need a fast lens that can shoot well in low light, but that’s not all.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your concert photography lens:

Transform your photography skills.

Ready to take your concert photography to the next level? It all starts with practice, then it comes down to picking the right lens.

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