Find your perfect lens for real estate photography.

Top tips for picking the best lens for your real estate photo shoot.

Real estate photography can be tricky. You've got to capture what an entire structure feels like, inside and out. That includes compelling staging, appealing lighting, and a cohesive approach that helps guide the viewer through the space. It also includes the property itself, whether it’s a house and yard, an apartment building, a commercial property, or a large piece of land. And finally, it includes the context. What's the neighborhood like? Where does the property sit?

There's a lot to consider — that's why it's helpful to prep yourself for your real estatephotoshootwith these tips. Learn more about what to capture and what lens to use to do it best.

The best lens for each angle.

If you're a new real estate photographer, you might want to try a zoom lens. This lens type will auto-adjust as you move throughout the property, ensuring you're capturing the best angles and perspectives. However, if you're interested in fine-tuning your approach, explore some of these recommended lenses for each property area.

More top real estate photography tips.

With the right lens picked out for your photoshoot, keep some of these tips in mind to get your composition just right.

Want more techniques for capturing eye-catching real estate photos? Discover the possibilities, and then check out Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for masterful editing.