4 creative outdoor photoshoot ideas.

With these creative ideas, the outdoors can be the best backdrop for your next photoshoot.

No matter where you live, you can always find an outdoor spot for your photoshoot. With the right props and techniques, any exterior offers something interesting. Try these locations next time you take out your camera.

Outdoor photo backgrounds and techniques.

  1. Parking garage: Parking lots are wide open spaces for creativity. Try drawing a chalk scene on the pavement and take aerial shots of your subject lying amongst it to create a cool, flat perspective with an original background. Even without props, a parking garage photoshoot can produce striking and even eerie effects. Shoot after dark in a vacant lot to play with shadows and space.
  2. Woods or natural area: Rivers, forests, and fields are beautiful settings that you can interact with in your photoshoot. Have your subject splash in a stream, run through a field, snooze in a hammock, or even climb a tree to get fun and unique candid shots in nature.
  3. Winding roads: Meandering streets offer phenomenal perspective for photoshoots, highlighting the breadth of an open road and the depth of its distance. Position subjects in the foreground, facing the road, to give a sense of the journey ahead. Or back away and photograph your subject along their journey down the road to draw attention to the landscape’s vastness.
  4. Abandoned buildings: Old buildings make for visually interesting photographs. These settings also allow you to play with perspective, focus, foreground, and background. Shoot your subject through a broken window or door frame, for instance. These kinds of photoshoots can have a raw and edgy feel.

Make the most of natural light for your outdoor photoshoot. Take photos either 1-2 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset for a golden hour glow that’s warm and flattering.

Editing outdoor photos.

Explore more tips for getting your perfect outdoor shot. Remember that skillful editing can elevate photos. Heighten shadows, flatten perspective, amp up contrast, and experience the difference you can make with**Adobe Photoshop** and Lightroom.