Top tips for photographing your baby.

Your little one is growing fast. Capture those fleeting moments with these tips and baby photoshoot ideas.

Before you know it, your baby will be walking, talking, reading, and heading off to college. Life moves quickly, and you’ll want to remember your little one’s early years. These tips will help you take memorable baby photos to treasure for a lifetime.

Top tips for photographing your baby.

Use a neutral color palette: Using neutral colors draws attention to the star, your baby of course. To keep it visually stimulating, play with textures, like a neutral-toned knit blanket or fluffy stuffed animal.

Photograph on a regular schedule: An important reason for taking baby photos is to document their growth. Try to photograph them on a set schedule for a beautiful sort of time-lapse record. Create a similar setup for each baby photoshoot to draw attention to them rather than a distracting, ever-changing background.

Work with naptime: Plan around your baby’s schedule. Maybe they’re happiest after their nap, or after they eat. Or alternatively, maybe they’re easiest to photograph during their nap. Find the right window of time and work with that.

Set the stage: Set the scene before adding your baby to the mix. Having the lighting and props ready will minimize the time that they have to sit in front of the camera — minimizing fuss for them and headache for you.

Get your settings right: Set your camera up with portrait mode; that means a small aperture for a soft, blurred background with the focus on your baby. Take photos from above, especially when you’re working with a newborn. You can do this by placing your baby on the floor and standing over them as they lie or crawl around.

Elevate your skills.

Learn more about how to take memorable photos, hone your technique, and explore what you can do with editing in order to elevate your images. Try Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to see what a difference a few great tips and subtle edits can make.