What is live video editing?

Editing live videos in real time is an altogether different challenge. Find out what live video editing is and what tools you need for it.

Live video editing — also known as real-time video editing — is a form of video editing where the footage is not pre-recorded. It has always been common in TV broadcasts, but it’s becoming popular on social media as well.

Live video editing explained.

With live video editing, no footage has already been recorded to a file. Instead, any edits are done as the event is actually happening in real time. If you’ve ever watched a live sporting event on TV or the internet, you’ve seen live video editing in action.

The most common approach to this kind of editing is to record the event with multiple cameras shooting from different angles. The editing team switches between the cameras to focus on the action. They can also add motion graphics, transitions, captions, and subtitles, and other effects.

In addition to sports, live video editing is often used when broadcasting music concerts and news and talk shows.

Social media and live video editing.

Real-time video editing has recently started popping up on social media. Modern video editing software programs, like Adobe Premiere Pro, can switch between different video sources in seconds. Many collaborations between YouTube stars use live video editing.

Livestreamers also use many elements of live video editing. They can add overlays and titles to their streams, or show a graphic when someone makes a donation or subscribes to their channel.

Live video editing software and more.

If you’re looking to do real-time video editing, you’ll need a powerful video editing software that supports it. With Premiere Pro, you can set up multi-camera sequences and even use third-party plug-ins to enable full livestreaming.

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