Learn to edit video clips.

The time after you’ve captured great video clips is when most of your creative work will occur. The art of telling your story and expressing yourself happens in editing.

How a video is edited is at least as important as how it is shot. If you want to create professional-looking videos, learn to master your editing software. From transitions to jump cuts, there are a thousand different techniques you can use to pull viewers into your story.

Video editing tips and more.

Beyond the basics of cutting away footage that you don’t need and putting your clips in the right order, you can use a whole world of editing techniques to polish your video. You can draw the viewer’s attention to what they need to know and present a consistent look and feel. All of this and more are done in editing.

These simple tips will help you turn your best clips into a compelling video:

To build your reputation as an accomplished video editor, start with these simple tips and move forward from there. There’s always more to learn, so enjoy the journey and get more video editing tips along the way.

It can be both fun and satisfying to edit videos — discover everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to work with your video clips today.