How to go viral on YouTube.

See how video editing and the right thumbnail can help your content explode.

Viral YouTubers make it seem like there’s a secret formula to Internet fame. Simply record and post — then let the millions of views roll in. While this might work for some popular YouTube channels and celebrities, other YouTubers jumpstart the chance of going viral by getting a little creative with their video editing and following the guidelines below.

Research old viral YouTube videos.

What has (and hasn’t) worked for other YouTubers? Search past viral videos to determine the types of content that consistently pull in the most views. If your video features a funny “pet fail” or a celebrity run-in, you may just have some viral content on your hands.

If you’re new to YouTube, you’ll need to open an account and create a channel first. Once your channel is set up, you can post videos directly to YouTube from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Get creative with your video editing.

Once you have some footage assembled, you’ll still need at least a touch of video editing to get it ready for YouTube. Among other things, you may need to:

Full-featured video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro make it easy for both new and seasoned content creators to produce high-quality videos that are primed to go viral.

Design a video thumbnail that demands attention.

Many YouTube viewers will decide — sometimes in a fraction of a second — whether or not to watch your video based on its thumbnail.

A thumbnail is the video still or carefully planned graphic that displays before the video is played. That’s why your thumbnail must:

For example, if your video captures something silly your dog did, your thumbnail graphic could include bold text, bright colors, and a funny moment taken from the clip.

When the video is edited to your satisfaction and you have a great thumbnail, simply export them directly from Premiere Pro to YouTube, and watch the views multiply.

Go viral with Adobe Premiere Pro.