How to make a YouTube video using your phone.

Making YouTube videos on your smartphone can be easy with Adobe Premiere Rush. Follow these steps to create, edit, and share from your mobile device.

Making YouTube videos is fun, but sharing them is where the real action begins. If you’re shooting footage on the go, you’ll need a seamless way to get your video online.

With the help of Adobe Premiere Rush, you can make and publish videos for your YouTube channel straight from your phone or tablet without skipping a beat.

How to shoot a video on your phone for YouTube.

Capture funny, entertaining, or important moments with your phone’s video camera. Then, use Premiere Rush to add in some:

Preview your video in the app before publishing, to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. Then return to the video editor to adjust text, add captions, and make other changes if you need to.

How to upload your YouTube videos from an iPhone or Android.

Once you’ve wrapped up editing, you can upload the video directly to YouTube without ever leaving Premiere Rush. Follow these steps to share online:

  • Select “Share”
  • Toggle “YouTube” from the list of platforms
  • Log in to your YouTube account if prompted
  • Choose which playlist you’d like to publish to
  • Enter details about the video, including tags, a title, and a description
  • Choose or upload a thumbnail image
  • Select whether you’d like to schedule your video or publish it immediately
  • Click “Export”

Premiere Rush automatically selects export settings for you, but you can always adjust them if needed. Plus, its mobile capabilities let you share videos right from your smartphone, from any location.

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