Transfer image styles with Generative Match.

Instantly apply the style of one image to a new generated image in Adobe Firefly. Get started in the Text to Image module inside the Firefly web app.

The power of AI image style transfer.

By adding a reference image along with your word prompt, you can give your logo the right watercolour effect or add dramatic lighting to a portrait you want to generate. With Generative Match in Firefly, you can use image style transfer to take greater creative control of your image generation.


Upload your own image to generate images in your unique style. Or apply a style reference from the curated gallery, which includes dozens of options in several categories, including Watercolour, Pencil, 3D, Neon, Landscapes, Texture and more. 

Create spot-on content.

Generate assets for articles, blogs and social media posts with reference images so that whatever you make fits in with the rest of your content.

Tiger in two different styles

Prompt: Statue of a tiger

Tiger facing the camera with a menu showing different colour options

Get to the right images faster.

Change your designs as fast as you change your mind or as needed to keep up with the latest trends. Make quick updates to colour, style and texture without starting from scratch.

Guide your work with precision.

Upload your own image as a reference and then create art, illustrations, product concepts, logos, advertisements or other materials that stick to your vision and stay true to your brand.

AI generated tiger in four different styles

How to use Generative Match in Firefly.

Use Generative Match to steer your generative AI creations in exactly the right direction. Follow these steps to apply a style transfer to your AI-generated images.

1. Open Firefly.

Go to the Text to Image module in the Firefly web app. (If you’re not signed in, sign in to your Adobe account or create an account for free.) Hover over any image in the gallery and select View Samples.

2. Select a reference image.

In the control panel to the right of the image results, make sure Firefly Image 2 model is selected. In that same panel, scroll down to the Match section. Click the Reference Gallery to scroll through the images until you find one you want to try.


To use your own image, drag and drop it into the control panel or click Upload Your Own Image and select it from the pop-up menu. (You must have the rights to any third-party images you upload.)

3. Click Generate.

Check out the results.

4. Refine.

Move the Style Strength slider in the control panel to adjust the strength of the reference image’s effect on the style of your image. You can also make other adjustments to colour and tone, lighting and composition. Click the Edit button in the top left of an image to take it into the Generative Fill workspace.

5. Save your work.

Click the heart in the top right to save the image to your Favourites or click the More Options button to download it as a PNG or save it your libraries.

8 different Firefly generated vases with flowers

Generative recolor variations of your vector artwork

Create more with more generative AI tools.

Firefly is so much more than an AI image generator. Experiment with Generative Match, then try other features like Generative Fill, Text Effects and Generative Recolor, all available in your browser.

Questions? We have answers.

AI image style transfer, also known as neural style transfer, is the use of an AI generator to create an image in the style of a reference image. For example, if you want to generate an image of a superhero in a comic book style, you can select the comic book style image from the Digital Illustration section of the Reference Image Gallery. Firefly uses deep neural networks to understand the style of the reference image and apply it to a prompt so you can achieve the look you’re going for quicker and with greater accuracy.

Image style transfers use trained neural networks, which learn the style features of the reference image (including colours, textures and brush strokes). The neural networks then apply those style features to the content of another image. In Firefly, Generative Match applies the style features to the new images it generates from text prompts.

As part of Adobe’s effort to design Firefly to be commercially safe, we are training our initial commercial Firefly models on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock and public domain content where copyright has expired. If you upload third-party reference images, you must have the rights to use them.

Step into the future with Adobe Firefly.

Use generative AI and simple prompts to create the highest-quality output — images, text effects, colour palettes and more.

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