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Making wanted posters with Adobe Express is easy.

Wanted posters are still an important tool in the fight against crime. But more and more people are using them as a way of poking fun at friends and relatives. This humor only hits the mark if the poster looks authentic and eye-catching, however. Thanks to Adobe Express, you can now create a wanted poster that looks just like the real thing.

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How to use the wanted poster creator.

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Quickly and easily customize your wanted poster.

Explore our free editor to customize your wanted poster. Apply filters to your background image and change the color palette. Choose vintage or bold typography for your header. Use these features to really let your creativity shine. When you’re ready, you can instantly share your wanted poster across all your platforms.

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With the Adobe Express wanted poster design app, getting creative is fun, easy, quick, and free. With all the options and customization that Adobe Express offers, the choice is simple. There’s no specialized training needed to create a standout wanted poster when you have Adobe Express.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the standard size for a wanted poster?
Popular poster sizes are 11” x 17”, 18” x 24”, and 24” x 36”, although you can make a wanted poster any size you’d like. Easily create both vertical and horizontal event posters for all your marketing needs.
What should be included in a wanted poster template?
Some wanted poster essentials are a headshot (or mugshot) of the subject, a reward amount, and of course, a bold header that says “wanted.”
What makes a wanted poster stand out?
Adding an artistic touch to your wanted poster will help it stand out. Add a sepia or black and white filter to your headshot to make it feel aged. Choose a vintage-style font to help with that. Select a textured or stained background to give your poster a weathered feel. If you print it out, you can even soak it coffee, wrinkle it, or lightly burn the edges to enhance the authenticity.
Can I create my own wanted poster template?
Any new or existing project can be turned into a shareable template. Open your project, choose the Share option in the top right, and follow the prompts to make your own wanted poster template. Access your templates from your library and share with collaborators.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, Adobe Express has a free plan that includes core features like photo editing tools and effects and thousands of free templates. Learn more about our plans and pricing.