Halloween party ideas.

The best ideas for games, decorations, invites, and more. Plus, the design templates to help you make it happen.

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Halloween party invitations.

There’s no better way to celebrate the spooky season than with a graveyard smash of your own. Adobe Spark’s Halloween templates set the mood for a hauntingly good party. Choose from any of Adobe Spark’s Halloween templates and fill in the details yourself. Download your invite to email to friends or share on your social platforms. Or print it out to stick in the mail.

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Halloween schedules.

These schedule templates work great in a classroom setting, printed poster-size to keep all your little monsters on track with activities throughout the day. Adobe Spark’s templates make it easy for you to customize your template and enter all the details you need to make sure your Halloween gathering is the most fun-filled bash yet.

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Halloween food & drink menus.

Your guests are in for a real treat with Adobe Spark’s Halloween-themed food and drink menus. Have fun choosing a festive design and get creative with naming your menacingly good menu options. Create an invitation suite with Adobe Spark, then pick a menu design to match. Print out a small menu to put on your guest’s place settings, or print it out large to hang as a poster for a buffet-style feast.

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Halloween name tags.

Avoid horrifying mistakes like mixing up which monster is which by using Halloween-themed name tags. Adobe Spark offers festive name tags so you can remember just who is hiding under that werewolf mask without cramping their style. Select a name tag theme that matches your party and print out your chosen template for guests to fill out upon their arrival.

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Halloween place cards.

Place cards are a subtle yet tasteful detail to elevate your party décor to the next level. Adobe Spark offers Halloween-themed templates that can be used as place cards, escort cards, or both. You can fill in your guests’ details using Adobe Spark or print out blank cards if you’d rather handwrite the names.

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Halloween bingo cards.

Raise the stakes with a round of Halloween-themed bingo. Choose from Adobe Spark’s selection of bewitched bingo cards, which feature both standard numbers or playful Halloween graphics. Your guests will have a howling good time with this party favorite.

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Halloween favorite costume cards.

Adobe Spark offers spooky superlative cards for you to award to all your favorite costumes. Choose a template, then write in which awards you’d like your guests to vote for. Print out your design and place it at your party so guests can fill them out throughout the night.

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Halloween raffle ticket.

Excite your guests with a raffle and Halloween-themed raffle tickets to go along with it. Adobe Spark’s creative ticket designs will have your guests casting spells to up their odds. Choose your design, print it out for your party, and be sure to keep track of all your ticket stubs for the winner.

Create your Halloween graphics now

Halloween gift tags.

Adobe Spark’s Halloween suite offers gift tags that are easy to customize to match your party. Choose your template and print it out at any size that fits best with your party favors or gifts. Feel free to customize by adding your guest’s names or a personalized message that will send goosebumps down their spine.

Halloween thank you cards.

Top off your Halloween suite with one of Adobe Spark’s Thank You cards. Pick a design to match your theme and print them out to pair with your party favors. Or create custom thank you cards addressed to individual guests that you can send digitally after your party.

Tips for preparing your Halloween party.

Pick a theme.
Halloween is obviously the overarching theme, but what kind of tricks are you trying to treat your guests to? Are you going for more of a candy-corn-colored playful party or a dark haunted mansion vibe? Use Adobe Spark’s pre-made designs to help you fine-tune your ideas and develop your venue into one otherworldly experience.
Don’t break the bank.
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make things look dreary and desolate. Use Adobe Spark for all your creative needs, free of charge. Then, think outside the box with some of your other décor ideas. Construction paper, old bedsheets, and candles are some household items that can transform any standard space into a sinister one.
So much room for activities.
Adobe Spark offers customizable designs for ideas like raffles, bingo, and costume contests. Other crowd favorites include bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, toilet paper mummies, and donut eating contests.

Create your Halloween graphics now

Light the candles, dim the lights and hit the fog machine.

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween at school, at home, or out and about, Adobe Spark has all the fixings for a festive time. Use Adobe Spark’s designs to decorate your party and share them via your social platforms and email.

Halloween party sets.