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Add borders to your photos for free.

Customize your images by adding playful borders or captivating frames, and adjust the size, colors, and placement exactly to your liking.

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Choose one of our templates to start with.

There are countless creative ways to add borders to your images. If you find yourself short on ideas, explore our Adobe Express template library, loaded with thousands of professionally designed examples to kickstart your creativity. Choose a template, remix it with your personalized elements and border of choice, and publish it in minutes.

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Create bespoke borders of your own.

Beyond an extensive template library, Adobe Express offers plenty of ways to customize your original border design. Explore the creative tools available to you in your Adobe Express workspace that allow you to use shapes, colors, negative space, and more to make your own border. Here are some of our favorite tricks to get you started.

Add a border using icons.

Select from the Adobe Express extensive library of icons. Type in search terms such as border or rectangle or another keyword that relates to your design. Drop in the icon, adjust the size, and switch up the color to match your mood.

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Create a border using images.

Add an image from your library or the Adobe Express stock photo gallery. Pin the photo to the background, then add an opaque icon shape or text box on top, which uses the negative space to turn the image into a border.

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Add a border with text shapes.

There are a handful of creative text shapes available for your use, many of which feature borders. Once you add text to your design, choose the Shape option and scroll through to find the one that best fits your design. Customize your color and adjust the shape if needed by formatting the text.

Add your borders now

How to add borders to your images.

Upload an image from your device or select a stock photo to feature in your design.
Use shapes, colors, text, icons, and premade borders to create the perfect border for your design.
Instantly download your design to share on your social channels or print out at home.

Customize your photo with bespoke borders to make it your own.

Add borders to your next invitation, flyer, business card, family portrait, or social media post, just to name a few ideas.

Customize your border's size, color, pattern, width, and placement to bring your artistic vision to life. Consider how borders can transform your next online design. Graphic borders can enhance an image while using an image as a border can enhance a text-based message. Think about the intention of your project and allow the Adobe Express tools to help you carry it out through your design.

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