Add frames to your photos for free in minutes.

Add frames to your images with Adobe Spark by exploring professionally designed templates or creating your own original design.

Add a frame to your photo now

Choose one of our templates to start with.

Explore Adobe Spark’s template library, loaded with thousands of professionally designed examples to kickstart your creativity. Search for frame templates for family photos, holiday or greeting cards, social media posts, and so much more. Find a frame you love, upload your own photo, and then share your design instantly across any channel, any device.

How to add photo frames to your images.

Upload your main image from your own photo library or select a stock image to feature in your design.
Explore the many ways you can use shapes, colors, text, icons, and premade options to create the perfect frame for your design.
Instantly download your design to share with your friends, family, and followers in minutes.

Customize your own original frame.

Beyond an extensive template library, Adobe Spark offers plenty of ways for you handcraft your own original frame. Explore the creative tools available to you in your Adobe Spark workspace that allow you to use icons, colors, imagery, and more to add a frame to your design. Here are some of our favorite tricks to get you started.

Create a frame using icons.

Select from Adobe Spark’s extensive library of icons. Type in search terms such as frame, rectangle, flourish, or another keyword that relates to your design. Drop in the icon, adjust the size, and switch up the color to match your design.

Add a frame to your photo now

Turn an image into a frame.

Add an image from your own library or Adobe Spark’s stock photo gallery. Pin the photo to the background to make it the frame. Then add another photo or an opaque icon shape or text box on top and scale the image down to reveal the border of the photo underneath. Repeat as necessary to create multiple frames and shapes within your design.

Add a frame to your photo now

Use the background to make a frame.

Choose your custom color for the background of your canvas, then drop a photo into your design to Move Freely. Scale your photo down to reveal the colored canvas underneath, creating a frame effect. You can also use the Layout option to create a border of another color. Add icons or text on top of the image to create depth.

Add a frame to your photo now

Customize your photos and collages with fantastic frames to make them your own.

Photo frames are a great way to make a special photo even more special. A custom frame can create emphasis, add branding, enhance the formality, or even spice up a design.

Use Adobe Spark to put a personal touch on every part of your framed image. Handpick the colors, fonts, imagery, and layout of your design to bring your artistic vision to life. Create picture perfect frames to transform your content on any channel, any device.

Add a frame to your photo now

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