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Capture your audience’s attention with the Adobe Express free and easy-to-use animated text maker.

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How to add animation to your text.

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1. Add text.

Click on Text at the left of the online editor. Then, select + to add your text. Customize your font styles, color, size, and placement as needed.

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2. Animate.

Select your text and browse through tons of animation options to find the one that perfectly fits your copy.

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3. Continue editing.

Instantly download your animated clip to share with your friends, family, and followers in minutes, or keep editing.

Create a mood using text animation.

Give your text a vintage-effect with the Typewriter animation styles. Or use the neon sign-inspired Flicker animation to make your text shine bright.

Add movement and personality to your text.

Make your message the focal point with the Dynamic or Color Shuffle animation options. Or introduce your text in a more subtle way with the Slide or Grow options.

Explore endless text styles.

Browse thousands of licensed Adobe Fonts available right at your fingertips. If you can’t decide on which font to use, Adobe Express provides you with font recommendations to try out in the same project. Select your text and choose from personalization options, including shape, shadow, and outline. There are unlimited ways to customize your text.

Add animated captions to any video project.

Capture your audience’s attention and make your visual content more accessible when you apply animated text captions to your videos. Easily drop in text to your project, then drag and drop the corners of each frame to control the length and duration of how long you want your captions to display in your video timeline.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I create animated text with a curve?
Definitely. Add text to your project, select the text, and then choose the Curved text option from the Edit text menu. Then use the Animation menu and select your favorite text animation option — it will automatically animate your curved text.
Can I animate text for social media?
Animate text to create content for all your social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. Easily duplicate a design to share across all your accounts by duplicating and resizing a design or using the multiple page feature.
How do I use text animation with other design elements?
The animation tool only animates what you specify — so text effects will only animate the text, and photo animation will only impact the images on your design. That being said, you have unlimited options with how you make the rest of your design. Explore using layers or add transparency when you use different design elements and see how it interacts with the text animation.
Does the size or quality change after adding animation text to the designs?
The size or quality won’t change, but the type of file will. If you start with an image and add text animation to it, you will need to download your final design as an MP4 video file in order to preserve the animation. If you want to then share your animation as a GIF, you can use our free MP4 to GIF converter to switch file types in seconds.
Can I use Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, we have a free plan available for anyone. Enjoy everything you need to stand out, including dozens of quick action tools, thousands of templates, photo editing and effects, and much more. Explore our plans and pricing for details.