Easy access to Adobe Spark with ClassLink

Adobe has partnered with ClassLink to make it easier to discover and access Adobe Spark, the engaging creativity tool loved by teachers and students alike.

Trusted by over 1,800 school systems globally, ClassLink is a leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect educators and students with their classroom, curriculum, and each other in richer, more powerful ways. Teachers and IT administrators can now now find Adobe Spark in ClassLink’s library of EdTech applications and add it to their LaunchPad. Then, teachers and students can seamlessly log in to their ClassLink LaunchPad with the ease and power of single sign-on, click the Adobe Spark tile, and immediately use Adobe Spark to begin designing visual stories, social graphics, web pages, and short videos. Say goodbye to forgotten usernames and passwords and start creating with the click of a mouse!

ClassLink’s Single Sign-On feature and LaunchPad create a one-stop-shop for teachers and students to use the tools they need most. When districts add Adobe Spark to their ClassLink LaunchPad, they make the LaunchPad even more valuable for teachers and students. Plus, they get the added value of Adobe Spark, which they can use in all subjects to communicate visually. Some ways to use Spark in the classroom include creating infographics for history classes, video book reports for language arts classes, and web pages for science classes, to name a few.

Patrick Devanney, the Vice President of Interoperability Services at ClassLink, speaks of the new partnership with enthusiasm. He shared, “Adding Spark to LaunchPad melds perfectly with ClassLink’s goal of putting the tools students need for every aspect of learning within quick, easy reach. Now students have a free and engaging creativity tool they can use anywhere and anytime.”

“Our goal at Adobe is to get students creating,” says Jessica Naeve, Adobe’s Head of Product Marketing for Education. “Our partnership with ClassLink makes it easy for students and teachers to access Adobe Spark instantly and makes for a seamless workflow. We are excited to see the benefits of this partnership moving forward and its impact on classrooms around the country.”

For directions on how to add Adobe Spark Single Sign-On to your ClassLink LaunchPad, click here. You can also watch this video demonstration. To read more about additional ways to integrate Adobe Spark with your favorite EdTech and education productivity tools, check out our blog post.

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