When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals The primary purpose of the platform is to connect employers and employees, but it’s also a space for colleagues to make connections, as well as businesses — particularly those in B2B industries — to interact with customers and potential leads.

As soon as you’ve decided what you want to share on LinkedIn, the next step is figuring out when to share it. The best time to post on LinkedIn varies according to industry research and will depend on a number of different factors. To make this network easier for you to navigate, we’ve gathered together all of the latest details so you can make an informed decision for your LinkedIn strategy.

The best time to post on LinkedIn.

Not interested in the details? Here are the commonly agreed upon best times to post on LinkedIn:

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The best times to post on LinkedIn according to research

The optimal time to post on LinkedIn varies according to specific research carried out by an array of social media companies. Use the following time windows as guidance on when to schedule your social media content, and make small tweaks to your scheduling over time to find the optimum posting times for you.

While the studies don’t completely agree on the best time to post on Linkedin, there are some consistencies and patterns that we can pick out. Collectively speaking, the research indicates that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for posting, while weekends are to be avoided. The best times on those high engagement days commonly appear to be early-mid morning and early evening.

How to find the best time to post on LinkedIn for you

Consider each of the following aspects in maximizing your engagement by finding the optimal times to post on LinkedIn.

Focus on the correct time zones for your audience

If your social media audience is spread across a number of time zones, it’s best to work out which time zone is the most common among your audience, and primarily cater to that specific time zone. LinkedIn doesn’t favor accounts that publish multiple times per day, so there’s no real reward for those who decide to publish multiple times a day in order to hit every time zone.

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

It’s ideal to post on LinkedIn between two and five times per week, while the absolute maximum for posting on LinkedIn is considered once per day. LinkedIn’s algorithm aims to provide a mixture of content from different people and pages in the newsfeed, so if you’re posting more than once per day only a small amount of your content is likely to be seen by your colleagues and followers.

What are the best days to post on LinkedIn?

The best days to post on LinkedIn are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. As a network for professionals, it’s not surprising that people are less active on LinkedIn on Mondays and Fridays and barely on the platform over the weekend.

What are the best times to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is primarily used during the average professional workday (8am - 5pm), with activity slowing down after 5pm and on the weekends. However, users also use LinkedIn during breaks at work, so there’s a spike in activity around 12pm most weekdays, with high levels of activity in the morning and late afternoon when many people are checking their phones.

Post with your audience in mind

Use research regarding the optimum time to post on LinkedIn as a helpful starting point, but do keep in mind that every audience is different. Continue to make the effort to study your personal social media audience and find out when they are most active on LinkedIn. Experiment with different schedules and do your own tests to find the best posting times for you.

Use your sector as a guide

Research also suggests that the best times to post on LinkedIn can vary per sector. According to Hubspot, B2B businesses see more engagement from content published 11am - 2pm while B2C companies see better performance on content published outside of the 9am - 5pm period.

So there you have it: everything you need to know and consider when it comes to catching your audience’s eye and maximizing your engagement levels. Remember to regularly check in with your social media analytics for further guidance, and keep experimenting to find the best times to post on LinkedIn for you.

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