On Trend: The October Edition



The last few months of the year are a busy time for small businesses as gift shopping and holiday festivities become top of mind for customers. Cut through the noise and stand out with fresh content, courtesy of our latest on-trend round-up.

Trend #1: The Collage Aesthetic

Collage style images made up of different picture cut-outs and design elements are cropping up on social feeds. And not just as static posts. Video compilations of images stacking on top of each other are popping up as “digital scrapbooks”. Pinterest has successfully tapped into this trend with the recent soft-launch of their collage-making app, Shuffles, which allows users to share compilations of their Pinterest creations on other platforms like TikTok.

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What this means for you:

Collage style social posts are a fun and creative way to share design moodboards, vision boards, product collections, or behind-the-scenes snapshots of events.

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Trend #2: Childhood Characters Turned into Aesthetics

TikTok creators have been turning beloved characters from childhood such as Junie B. Jones, Eloise, and others into full on aesthetics — whether it’s what they’d be wearing in their adult years, what type of home they’d own, or products that the character would have loved. This trend is the latest iteration of a familiar internet concept; a particular aesthetic being the basis of your identity, interests, and personality traits.

What this means for you:

This latest trend is a fun way to explore and showcase your personal brand. Relatable content like this, tapping into the childhood memories of your fans and followers, is a great way to connect authentically with your audience. And that extends to your business or brand, too. How would a beloved childhood character use your products? Which collection/print/color/style would be their favorite?

Trend #3: The holidays start now

Customers are already thinking ahead to the holidays with 25% of shoppers* having already started their holiday shopping. Why the early start? The rise of the price-conscious consumer — shoppers are hoping to snag holiday gifts at off-season prices, before the holiday price rises kick in.

What this means for you:

For small business owners, getting holiday ads and promotions out early will be a strong strategy to attract price-sensitive shoppers on the hunt for a deal. But this trend can also shape your content strategy with gift guides, gift lists, and gift-giving related content driving engagement earlier in the season.

*Source: Insider Intelligence

Trend #4: Eco-Activism

Consumers are increasingly aware of the power of their purchase decisions to influence companies when it comes to protecting the environment. And they are putting that power to good use. Gen Z in particular takes sustainability into account when choosing businesses and brands to support.

What this means for you:

Small and large businesses alike can have a tremendous impact on the environment with their decision making and business practices. By consciously choosing to make decisions that favor sustainability, these businesses can not only do their part in supporting the climate movement, but also appeal to customers and potential customers who are looking to support brands who share their values.

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