How small businesses repurpose content to boost brand visibility, engagement, and sales

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Unveiling content repurposing tactics

The ever-increasing demand for content is putting pressure on creators to produce more in a shorter amount of time. Small business owners have discovered how to save time and money through content repurposing: reworking their published content to make new content. We surveyed 517 small business owners to find out what strategies and tools they use to repurpose content and its impact on their branding, engagement, and sales.

Standout content repurposing for small businesses

Making content that can be repurposed helps all types of small business owners, no matter their industry. Let’s look at how content repurposing can meet the needs of your business.

According to our survey findings, 70% of small business owners have repurposed content, with those in marketing having done so the most. We also determined the average time for content repurposing is seven and a half months from the original publication date. Respondents said the most effective platform for repurposed content is TikTok (83%), followed by Instagram (78%) and websites or blogs (75%).

Almost half of small business owners (49%) reported seeing an 11-25% increase in engagement rates, while 35% estimated an 11-25% increase in conversion rates. The main benefit from content repurposing for these entrepreneurs was saving valuable time (54%), followed by better brand visibility (52%) and audience engagement (45%). These gains can make a huge difference in the success of a small business.

Small business tactics revealed

Small business owners are often also content creators to promote their businesses. Let’s look at how the makers and creators in small businesses change existing content to make it fresh and more effective.

One of the top strategies reported by small business owners was taking existing videos and making shorter clips. The most successful tactic was repurposing video content to share on Instagram Reels. Owners also found success creating videos from written content, creating shorter clips for TikTok, and transforming blog posts into infographics.

Small business owners most often measured the success of these strategies through increased website traffic (62%) and engagement metrics (50%), including likes, comments, and shares. Over one-third also looked at conversion rates and revenue increases.

Small business owners were also upfront about their biggest challenges when repurposing content. Feeling like they didn’t have enough time to repurpose content was the main issue, with almost half (46%) citing this problem. Owners also struggled with a lack of technical skills (27%), strategic direction (26%), and resources (21%). Over half of small business owners said they plan to repurpose content by the end of 2023.

Content repurposing is worthwhile, but how can it be more effective?

Content repurposing reinvented

Small business owners are working smarter, not harder, using tools like Adobe intuitive workflows to make content. Let’s explore the power and efficiency of automation.

One in six small business owners surveyed has used artificial intelligence (AI) to repurpose content. With the development of new generative AI tools, this number will likely grow. Most respondents reported saving one to five hours per week by using automated tools and apps to repurpose content.

Over half of small business owners said using AI to repurpose content has proved effective at increasing sales and driving buyers down the sales funnel faster. When asked if these tools have made marketing efforts more effective and productive, nearly two-thirds (64%) reported yes. Overall, these apps have proven to be valuable, time-saving tools that reap the benefits of content repurposing and allow small business owners to focus on growing their brands.

Small business marketing reinvented

Small business owners are repurposing content to boost brand visibility, engagement, and sales — and it’s working. Automation is also leveling the marketing playing field for small business owners with limited time and resources, enabling them to remake content faster and more affordably.

Creative tools like Adobe Express can help you leverage old videos and images into fresh and engaging content to create new leads, sales, and opportunities for growth. Integrating content strategy with calendars and automated social posting across multiple channels also keeps small business owners ahead of the curve.


For this campaign, we surveyed 517 small business owners to explore the strategies and tools they use to repurpose content, as well as its impact on their branding, engagement, and sales.

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