Turbocharge K–12 creativity with new generative AI features in Adobe Express for Education

The all-new Adobe Express is packed with features that help students and educators create and communicate in visually amazing ways. Editing videos with drag-and-drop tools, animating characters using just their voices, and turning posters into videos with a single click is now fast, easy, and even more fun.

But it’s no surprise that the new generative AI features in Adobe Express are creating the most excitement.

K-12 educators and students now have access to Adobe Firefly generative AI Text to Image and Text Effects features, which empower them to quickly come up with creative visuals for a range of classroom projects. The features bridge the gap between students’ imaginations and the blank page. And they’re incredibly easy to use, so students can build confidence in their creative skills while making images and effects that meet classroom learning objectives.

Bring letters to life with generative AI text effects.

With the Text Effects feature, students can easily embellish basic text with expressive graphics. They can simply type a description of a graphical style, theme, or texture, and Adobe Express will transform their letters into art.

For example, teachers can have elementary students personalize their names for “All About Me” posters or Google slides. The letters of their names can visually reflect their hobbies and interests, from books to softball to tropical fish.

Or, students can use the Text Effects feature to create classroom posters with graphical letters that both spell out and showcase their academic subjects, classroom values, and favorite inspirational quotes.

Middle or high school students can enhance book reports, term papers, or presentations by including generative AI text effects that reflect their subjects and themes. By raising the bar on the visual quality of their assignments, they’ll feel proud of their work and confident in their ability to communicate information effectively.

Create amazing images with the generative AI Text to Image feature.

Students can further express their ideas and creativity by generating images from written descriptions. With the Text to Image feature in Adobe Express, they can type a prompt with as many details as they like, and quickly will create a high-quality image that matches their vision.

At the elementary school level, students can use the feature to create avatars for their back-go-school nametags or illustrate what they did over a school break. Students can create alternate covers for their favorite books, showing the theme or plot point that resonated most with them. They can generate images to kick-start creative writing projects.

Middle and high school students can create multimedia presentations with AI-generated visuals showcasing what they’ve learned about different countries, cultures, animals, or ecosystems. Generate images demonstrating their knowledge of Aztec dwellings for history classes or visualizing 19th century chemistry labs for reports on Marie Curie. In art or art history classes, they can use their understanding of various artistic styles to create their own version inspired by the original artwork.

Students can even boost their critical digital literacy skills by using AI to learn more about how AI works. Teachers can ask students to run a text prompt multiple times, varying it slightly each time and looking for patterns in the responses. Then they can discuss their observations about how AI gathers and processes data.

Dive in and start creating.

K–12 schools that have Adobe Express can dive right in and start creating with generative AI features today. Schools have the ultimate control, however, so district admins can toggle the features off or on from the Adobe Admin Console at any time.

We’re excited to put our new generative AI features in the hands of students and educators, and we look forward to seeing what educators and students create.

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