10 famous green logos and how to easily make your own.



The color green is everywhere. From grassy lawns to verdant trees to sweet kiwi fruit to green lights, the color evokes a positive sense of growth and happiness. The color also provides a versatile choice for brands when considering which palette to use in a logo.

Depending on the shade you choose, green can represent generosity, success, harmony, health, renewal, and sustainability. Green logos are versatile and can be used for many different types of businesses.

Green logos are the perfect middle ground between yellow logos (which are positive and energetic) and blue logos (which are calm and orderly). If green sounds like the ideal color for your company logo, keep reading to get inspired by 10 well-known logos and the color psychology behind them, then learn how to create your own green logo.

10 famous green logos.

Green is the primary color of many of the nation’s leading brands, but it can evoke different emotions and contain different meanings for each one. Take a look at these 10 famous green logos to brainstorm a brand-new logo design or redesign.


Green is a popular logo color among food brands, especially those that want to market their products as healthy, sustainable, and fresh. All three of these adjectives perfectly describe Whole Foods — a grocery store that’s stocked full of natural and organic products — making green the perfect choice.

By choosing a darker shade of green and pairing it with serif font, Whole Foods adds an aura of sophistication to its logo. This evokes a sense of trust in the quality of its products.


The color green isn’t often used in the tech industry, since the color is often associated with nature. But by choosing a neon shade of green that’s anything but subtle, Spotify diverts from the eco-friendly aspects of the color to emphasize its revitalizing side. Much like music and entertainment can offer balance in our lives, Spotify’s green logo represents a sense of harmony and energy.


Sprite is a well-known lemon-lime soda, but its logo isn’t just representative of limes. The beverage company chose green as its primary color to embrace the soda’s refreshing qualities. This true green shade is energetic without being overly enthusiastic like yellow logos can be. By retiring its old brand logo, which had hints of blue and yellow, Sprite emphasizes a forward-looking, crisp, and fresh sensibility.


Land Rover is an SUV brand that’s best known for selling premium four-wheel drive vehicles fit for any off-roading adventure. This makes green — specifically, the dark hues associated with lush forests and nature — a stellar fit for the brand. The deep green of this logo gives it a luxurious feel, reaffirming that Land Rover is a dependable high-end brand.


When you add green to your color scheme, your logo can represent money, prosperity, and growth. This makes it a great fit for brands in the financial sector like TD Bank. After all, who doesn’t want to see their assets grow?

While blue logos are common among more traditional banks, since blue symbolizes security and trust, the color green contributes to a more modern and optimistic brand identity. By pairing the green of its square logo with black text and bold typography, TD Bank still adds a strong sense of professionalism and strength to its logo.


Equipped with one of the most recognizable green logos around, Heineken uses color on its company name to communicate the brand’s welcoming nature, as well as the refreshing qualities of its beers. The softened serif font of the brand logo further helps Heineken leave a friendly first impression on potential buyers. It’s a great color match for an inclusive brand that aims to be the ..

By adding its classic red star — a design element that adds energy and strength to the logo — Heineken makes its branding more appealing to people purchasing beer for lively social occasions.


Tropicana’s green logo helps Tropicana establish itself as a health-forward brand. This fits the brand’s marketing, which often promotes the many vitamins within orange juice and the real fruit used within its products.

Green also represents the gorgeous greens of tropical areas, including South Florida, where the company was founded and continues to be headquartered today.


While Subway’s primary colors used to be yellow and white, its marked a shift toward its health-conscious marketing. Subway today is all about selling affordable, freshly made food, especially as healthy food continues to trend. However, by maintaining the yellow within its logo, Subway heavily leans toward the energetic, optimistic aspect of both colors, rather than creating a total balance between yellow and blue. marked a shift toward its health-conscious marketing. Subway today is all about selling affordable, freshly made food, especially as healthy food continues to trend. However, by maintaining the yellow within its logo, Subway heavily leans toward the energetic, optimistic aspect of both colors, rather than creating a total balance between yellow and blue.


Much like Spotify, WhatsApp is a tech brand that embraces a bright shade of green in its company logo. The design blends the optimism of yellow and the innovative quality of blue into one vibrant, welcoming green logo.

Green can also symbolize growth, whether it’s the growth of your current relationships on Whatsapp or the development of brand new connections.


Green is an obvious choice for a crocodile logo, but it’s also a great color for the Lacoste brand. As a sporty menswear company, Lacoste thrives with a logo that’s reminiscent of tennis courts and golf courses, where its products are popularly worn.

By pairing its green logo with the crocodile shape, Lacoste also appeals to clothing consumers who value strength and tenacity. Lacoste’s all-caps, sans serif black font helps the brand cement its position as an accessible luxury brand.

If green sounds like the right color choice for your business, you can make your own logo in a matter of minutes with Adobe Express. Our free logo maker offers plenty of stunning templates that you can create in just a few taps.

To get started, tap on any of the templates above or select a free logo template that fits your brand identity. You’ll be able to fully customize your logo color, even if you simply want to switch up the shade of green. Once you’ve added your ideal green hues to your logo of choice, replace the text with your company name, select your favorite font, and add, remove, or replace other assets to customize it.

When you’re done making your logo, make sure to save your default brand colors on your Adobe Express account to ensure your future projects align with your green color palette. You can even set a default font and upload your newly created logo, so you can easily drop it on any flyer, social media ad, or other marketing asset you’re working on.

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