How to change the background color on an Instagram story.

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Social media is always changing, and nothing changes more frequently than your Instagram story. The concept of temporary content was introduced by Snapchat when they made a platform where the user could send a photo or video that would disappear shortly after being opened. Instagram's version of this function debuted in 2016 when they introduced Instagram stories, which mirrored the idea of short, digestible content.

You may already know that one of the essential things to do on Instagram as a marketer, influencer, or entrepreneur is to post frequently. And while being able to develop your audience and engage with them is thrilling, it can be stressful to make unique on-brand content so often.

We’ve put together these tips and tricks for different ways to change your Instagram story background inside the Instagram app.

Later in this post, we’ll go into how you can make stellar Instagram stories with powerful tools outside of the Instagram app by using Adobe Express.



How Instagram stories work.

Before we start, it's vital to know a bit about how your Instagram story works. You can post a picture or video from your camera roll or take one with the in-app camera. After selecting the media you want to upload, you add elements right within the platform. You can add text, music, GIFs, emojis, a geotag, or change the color of your background — which is the main reason you’re here.

If Instagram stories are new to you, here is a quick tutorial on sharing a photo, Instagram post, or video to your story.

Instagram Story tutorial Instagram instructions for how to add a photo to your Story, summarized in text below this image.

According to Instagram, here’s what to do:

Stories disappear from your profile after 24 hours.

If the story is an evergreen gem that you want your audience to have access to for longer than 24 hours, then you have the option to add it to your profile under the "Highlights" section. An Instagram Highlight is a saved album of stories that you want to exist on your profile.

Here are some killer highlight sections from @timothygoodman, @youngmer, and @everyday.hooray:

Highlights examples Three profiles with dynamic highlights sections on Instagram

Change the background color of your Instagram story.

The world is your oyster when it comes to shades for your new background color. The dropper tool within the app is the crucial feature for finding the perfect color option. It allows you to match perfectly to any shade within the story screen.

Changing the background color of an Instagram story is the first step in customizing the look of your Insta story, and these are the simple steps to do it.

How to change background color on Instagram Three images showcasing how to use the dropper tool to change the background color on Instagram stories

Instagram background color tutorial part 2 Continuation of how to add background colors and photo stickers to Instagram stories

How to do it:

Top tip:

If you would like the color to be transparent over the photo, select the highlighter tool instead of the pen tool, and this will add a color overlay over your photo. If you’d like, you can select the eraser icon to show bits of the image underneath.

The eraser tool is an excellent way to tease a new photo or reel to engage your audience. They will be intrigued by only seeing a bit of the new post peeking through the overlay.

Use a photo as your story background.

This method is a super simple way to leverage your Instagram account for marketing, to share a repost, or just to provide visual flair.

Use image as background for Instagram Story Three images showcase how to add an image atop another image using the stickers feature in Instagram

How to do it:

Top tip:

Enhance your new story by adding effects to your photo or video. There are new effects added consistently, so don't forget to check out fresh ideas. The story effects are at the bottom of the screen, next to the round camera button in the middle.

Make a color gradient background on your Instagram story.

This feature is helpful because it allows you to choose a single color that transitions into another color, creating a beautiful effect for your story.

Color gradient tutorial Three images showcase how to add a color gradient to Instagram Story by clicking the "Add Text" button and then the color button

How to do it:

Top tip:

If you want more color gradient color options, save an image of a color gradient you like to your camera roll and import it into your story as a new background color.

Use your branded colors in your Instagram story.

Adobe branding tool Screenshot of Adobe Express branding tool

One of the most significant objectives for many entrepreneurs is developing brand recognition with social media. The majority of building trust with your audience has to do with consistent branding.

How to do it:

Top tip:

Use this tactic to brand all your story color options, including text, emojis, GIFs, and stickers. It's best to use solid color options.

Use an external Instagram photo editor and templates to build your Instagram story background.

Easily make your background using templates waiting for you to customize them to your brand. Templates are an excellent hack for marketers who are producing large amounts of content.

You can create everything from aesthetic overlays to photo cutouts using the background removal tool in Adobe Express.

Adobe Express background removal tool Three slides show how to use the Adobe Express background removal tool

How to do it:

How to do it:

Top tip:

Save Instagram Story Three slides showcase how to save an Instagram Story side for later

You can make your story posts in advance and add them quickly and efficiently into your new story when you’re ready to post. Simply add your background color and featured image and then format your story layout, adding branded text and features.

Once you’re happy with your creation, click the back button on the top left. Click “Save Draft” on the box that pops up.

Or, you can select the (...) icon at the top of the screen, and click the down arrow symbol labeled “save.” Now you have a story on your camera roll ready to post whenever you want.

Add video background to your Instagram story using green screen.

Creating green screen videos is all the rage throughout social media, and now you have access to this feature right in the Instagram app. This stories feature allows you to make a unique background by recording yourself over any video background you desire. It's also handy if you want to show a tutorial or a Q&A session on your Insta story.

Instagram green screen Three slides showcase how to use green screen effects on Instagram Stories

How to do it:

Top tip:

You can apply the green screen effect to photos too.

Enjoy the limitless story background possibilities.

You have a ton of options when it comes to how to change the background color on your Instagram story with a photo. Need more content creation ideas? Check out these stellar tips on how to use Instagram stories for your business.

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