7 Quick and Easy Ways to Spark Up a Crafty Halloween

Updated 10/16/2019

Spark up good design and Halloween fun with these creative digital crafts! All you need is Spark and access to a printer to make Halloween magic in a flash.

DIY Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Using a pumpkin carving stencil is the easiest way to get Pinterest-worthy results from your carving night. And with Spark Post, your only limit is your imagination. Create your own stencils by adding spooky icons to your design (simply tap the plus button, add icon, and search “halloween”) or make an original design with type. Opt for simple shapes and bold lines for best results. Adjust the aspect ratio for what makes sense for your pumpkin then print! Get started with these stencil designs–simply tap to make them your own!




Up-Level Your Movie Night

Customize bingo templates to include common horror movie tropes to add a little competition to your scary movie night.


Throw a Party in a Flash

A snazzy invitation can turn a lackluster text or email invite into a not-to-be-missed event! Click, remix—and poof you’re on your way to an awesome block party, movie night, or costume shindig! Get started with this template or check the app for more design inspiration.


Make your guests think you’re really dead-icated to Halloween with a few nice touches. We love these cute costume trophies by @winterhiatus. You could whip up a Halloween menu, place cards for your guests or even a party schedule in a few minutes.

Capture Halloween Milestones with Digital Keepsakes

You want to capture all the cute, special moments but you also have little ones to wrangle. Let Spark Post templates and your iPhone photos turn your snapshots into keepsakes and sharable memories.


Make an Easy Halloween Treat

We turn to Instagram and Pinterest for all our DIY inspiration. Here are a couple of the projects we’ve bookmarked recently for creativity and ease.

As a pre-school teacher, my mother is the queen of easy DIY Halloween that delights kids. This past weekend she had her students over for a sweet costume party, complete with a crowd-pleasing cake-decorating activity. I came to document, with Spark Video, of course! Take a look for kid party ideas and turn whatever you end up creating into a memory you’ll keep for years to come. I made this video in about 15 minutes.

Do you have an awesome go-to recipe or Halloween craft? Use this template to turn it into a work of art in a snap, perfect for a scrapbook or recipe box.


Create a Killer Playlist

Nothing sets a mood like a good playlist. You listen and curate the tunes, we’ll help you share it in style with a custom playlist cover.


Have Fun with Puns

The easiest way to get in on the social media fun during Halloween is to post a clever meme. Here are a few images and captions to get you started.

Ask your followers to tag their “boo”


For the Halloween personality that “Creeps it real,” this sardonic pun is perfect or the Wednesday Adams in your life.


On the flip side, this play on words is perfect for all the basic witches.


Tag all your boo-tiful friends.


Share Your Costume Inspiration

With Halloween moving almost entirely to social media, it’s almost as important to have a killer social post as it is to kill it at the costume party. Mood boards and collages can help you collect and share your inspiration. Use this template to get started.


Did you make something spooktacular for Halloween? Tag your creations #adobespark on social!