Design the perfect Valentine’s Day t-shirt with free templates



Flowers, chocolate, jewelry — these are the typical gifts you expect to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. We suggest coloring outside the lines this year and trying your hand at designing a Valentine’s Day t-shirt that celebrates, pokes fun at, or declares your relationship. Whether you’re experimenting with new concepts or continuing with a holiday tradition for you and your partner, we’ve got a wide array of design ideas for your ideal Valentine’s Day t-shirt.

Design your own Valentine’s Day t-shirts

Get started by learning how to put together t-shirt graphics with Adobe Express. You can kick off a project on the app using our extensive library of free templates. Once you’ve got a couple drafts under your belt or a framework that feels like a good jumping-off point, you can then plug-and-play based on your desired products or already established Valentine’s Day t-shirt design ideas.

How to make your own Valentine’s Day shirt

Making your own Valentine’s Day t-shirts is easy with the Adobe Express free t-shirt design tool. Simply go to the tool and follow the built-in steps. The design process can be intimidating, which is why we’ve made it easy to get started. Begin a t-shirt design project on the app using our library of free customizable templates. You can also make a logo design for your relationship or relationship status in this same process.

Make Valentine’s Day t-shirts for an event, a special date night, family merch, or any other fun tradition you and your partner associate with this holiday. Adobe Express makes it easy to create full size t-shirt designs, as well as designs for the pockets, sleeves, and shirt backsides.

Valentine’s Day t-shirt ideas

Unsure where to begin with your design brainstorm? Consider these different styles for your Valentine’s Day t-shirts based on your relationship status and sense of humor with your babe. Take these free Adobe Express t-shirt design templates and use these concepts to begin building your holiday design portfolio.

Valentine’s Day t-shirts for couples

Whether celebrating your relationship or complimenting your partner, there’s a wide variety of phrases, quotes, and imagery you can use for a Valentine’s Day t-shirt for couples. Try listing your favorite qualities of your partner, coming up with a cute phrase that describes your vibe together, or making t-shirts with your sweetest pet name for each other on them.

Valentine’s Day t-shirts for singles

Single and ready to mingle? Let the world know with a Valentine’s Day t-shirt for single people on the prowl. We suggest going more in a humorous direction so people can enjoy the novelty with you.

Valentine’s Day t-shirts for self-love

Self-love really is the primary level of love in the world, and we support making a Valentine’s Day shirt for yourself — something that says how much you appreciate yourself on the daily.

Free Adobe Express Valentine’s Day t-shirt design templates

Get in the mood for the holiday by sharing your messages of love (or lack thereof) on cute and fun Valentine’s Day t-shirts with these free customizable templates from Adobe Express that can be used for any of your t-shirt needs.

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