On Trend: The July Edition



With summer in full swing, we know you’re focused on celebrating the little things in life. A gorgeous sunny day, a refreshing ice cream, and sitting down to read the latest edition of your favorite blog post about all things trending in the world of content.

Trend #1: Love the little things

This trend is all about embracing and celebrating life’s simple pleasures, from a delicious breakfast to a beautiful view. We’re seeing it surface across social platforms as a call to action to appreciate the joy in seemingly mundane and everyday moments, with the hashtag ‘RomanticizeYourLife’. What originally started as a response to pandemic restrictions has continued to resonate, perhaps because of its obvious links to the popular theory of mindfulness — the practice of paying attention to the present moment.

What this means for you:

Encouraging people to find and celebrate little moments of joy can be a meaningful way to engage and interact with your followers and sharing moments of personal inspiration can help people learn more about you and your brand. Perhaps this could be a regular series that helps cultivate a deeper connection with your audience. With Adobe Express, it’s easy to make a branded social post template that you can quickly populate with new content, schedule and publish with the Content Scheduler tool.

Trend #2: Preppy style

Prep is making a comeback, particularly in the world of fashion and design. Combining ivy league academia with gothic literature, this style combines both light and dark elements for a unique vibe. We’re talking sweater vests, old books, hardwood interiors, and pleated skirts. Gen-Z in particular is loving the authentic, scholastic, intellectual feel of this trend.

What this means for you:

Weave this trend into your summer content by tapping into the lighter side of the prep aesthetic. Shades of cream, beige and light pastels paired with gothic universities and neoclassical buildings. Lean into the academic feel of this trend to stay relevant, particularly if you’re trying to engage with a younger, Gen-Z audience.

Trend #3: Embrace the cringe

Lovers of hot pink pantsuits and rhinestones rejoice! We have entered an era of unapologetic bad taste celebrating the tacky and unabashedly cringe. With an undertone of nostalgia for the early 2000s, this Y2K style is most obvious in the world of fashion, but the soaring popularity of reality TV and echos of punk rock are also big cues.

What this means for you:

This trend isn't just about embracing a gaudy, Y2K aesthetic. It’s also about a shift in mindset and a liberation from the trappings of perfectionism. You can take part by sharing relatable content — the cringe-worthy moments that make up what it means to be human and the guilty pleasures (ABBA fans, anyone?) that you enjoy without irony. As the meme says, “I am cringe. But I am free.”

Trend #4: #LoveCore

Lovecore is the latest aesthetic to take hold of social media. It celebrates love through fashion and visuals by blending feminine aesthetics such as cottagecore with Valentine’s Day motifs like hearts & lace all year round. The lovecore hashtag has found a home on Tumblr, has over 72.9M views on TikTok, and doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon.

What this means for you:

Lovecore is a fun aesthetic to play around with. To incorporate this style into your content, try adding shades of pink and red to your graphics as well as utilizing flowers, cherries, love hearts, cupids, or other vintage elements that elicit notions of love.

Get started with our curated set of Lovecore themed templates below. Tap a template to customize it in Adobe Express.

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