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Carpenter, builder, and maker, Elouise Farley works for herself - and for the community. Find out how the Margate-based, multi-disciplined founder uses social media and Adobe Express to share her work - and her skills.

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How did you get to where you are now?

I started as an assistant theatre designer in 2012. Because I was teaching myself and observing other people at work, too, it took a while to find confidence with what I was doing. I would help out any friends or folk that needed it. Building things and beyond, and the requests just kept coming.

What are your favourite tools for creating social content?

Tools for editing video and photos are the most useful for me. With Adobe Express, you can edit that kind of thing so easily. Adapting pre-existing content as well as creating new layouts is important for things I need to do quickly.

What are your ambitions for the business?

I’d like to work alongside more people and organisations – so far, it’s been a really interesting way of collaborating. I’d like to continue running some more regular carpentry workshops for the community.

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