Power up your efficiency​.

Develop and launch your applications
with only a few lines of code.

Lightweight installer

Get up and running in minutes with an all-new installer that lets you automate repeatable installations of only the services you need. You have absolute control over what you install at all times.

Docker images

Quickly deploy and scale applications in any environment, and ensure your ColdFusion code runs seamlessly in all of them. Standardize environments for continuous integration and delivery of your applications.

Asynchronous programming

Boost the performance of your principal application by offloading resource-intensive code segments to a secondary thread. Simply use the RUNASYNC function to execute code without the overhead of managing multiple threads. Once the result is ready to be consumed, you’ll receive a notification. 

Improved object-orientated support

Increase code reuse, improve modularity, enhance productivity, and implement object-orientated design patterns using final variables, methods and components, abstract components, default functions, and interface and co-variant return types.

Dynamic and interactive HTML5 charting

Implement a large repository of HTML5 charts using the built-in CFCHART tag. Easily create dynamic, data-heavy charts with a versatile server-side charting engine. Show data in a wide range of interactive formats with features such as zoom-in to help consumers get a granular view of information.

Code profiler

Swiftly identify and resolve complex performance issues buried deep in your code. Get the detailed information required to pinpoint the root cause of bottlenecks and troubleshoot applications more effectively. 

Database Monitoring

Make sure your database doesn’t act as a drag on application performance. Monitor all database queries, transactions, and query cache visually, and get predetermined or customized alerts to proactively take preventive or corrective action.

External services monitoring

Zero in on external factors such as web services, file system, mail server, LDAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or transfer protocols that could be slowing down application performance. Ensure that all the components of your IT infrastructure are working in sync.

Full CFSCRIPT support

Work productively with complete scripting support for CFSCRIPT and even an optional semicolon to end a line of code. Develop applications faster and more easily by accessing every ColdFusion functionality using CFSCRIPT.

Language enhancements

Enjoy all the CFML features you’ve been asking for. Interact with external systems seamlessly with support for null preservation of data types and a more intuitive way of creating Java objects. Slash coding effort by manipulating arrays and queries easily. Format DateTime with a single function and much more.

Distributed cache

Improve performance and enhance scalability by leveraging built-in support for three popular industry engines: JCS, Memcached, and Redis. Also plug in your own caching engine by implementing a simple CFML interface. 

Automatic connecter tuning

Ensure that your websites are always up and running. Eliminate 503 Service Unavailable errors by allowing the Performance Monitoring Toolkit to dynamically adjust connector settings based on incoming traffic.

Standardized PDF metadata

Ensure the consistency of PDF metadata across the organization. Easily create, share, and apply metadata, including copyright notice, authoring data, and keywords, by transferring metadata between PDF and XMP files.

CF Setup

Deploy server settings from one instance to another, manage them through a console, and automate your admin tasks seamlessly with CF Setup. Uniformity of applications across servers is now a given.

CLI and Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL)

Work with files, databases, and email, or invoke web services, by executing CFM via the command line. Execute the admin API from the CLI to script your ColdFusion server settings. Test-drive or learn CFML with REPL support in CLI.

Object-relational mapping support

Build and manage database-independent applications using object-relational mapping (ORM) without writing any SQL. Index and perform a full-text search of ORM entities with the built-in Lucene search engine, and obtain debug information through SQL logging.

Email management

Effectively manage email without writing much code. Easily send email using an SMTP server with the CFMAIL tag. Attach a callback handler to the CFMAIL tag to get delivery notifications. Manage email by connecting to an IMAP server with the CFIMAP tag, and retrieve mail from a POP mail server with the CFPOP tag.

Create dependable applications​.

Protect your applications with the 
web development platform that prioritizes security.

Single sign-on

Enjoy the convenience of having one set of credentials across multiple applications. With SAML, all users have a single point of authentication, which gives the enterprise a birds-eye view of user-level access into the ecosystem at all times.

Auto lockdown

Implement lockdown of your production server with a single click. All steps in the lockdown guide will be systematically followed, ensuring that security measures are fail-safe and in compliance. Post-lockdown, the system will continue to be monitored for potential breaches.

Security enhancements

Leverage NTLM authentication support on CFSHAREPOINT, CFOBJECT, and CFINVOKE to provide authentication, integrity, and confidentiality to users. Take advantage of Common Access Card (CAC) authentication to access ColdFusion administrator and Performance Monitoring Toolkit.

Security code analyzer

Use the security code analyzer to scan the existing application code to automatically detect vulnerabilities and potential security breaches. Identify the exact vulnerable code, type of vulnerability and severity level, and mitigate the vulnerability with the suggestion provided.

PDF digital signatures and archival

Make PDF files more secure with electronic signatures. Let your users sign, certify, and validate PDF files to establish document authenticity and integrity. Leverage new archiving capabilities, including support for PDF/A-2b, to enable the preservation of electronic files as long-term, self-contained documents of record.

PDF sanitisation

Eliminate the unintentional release of sensitive hidden information that can be misused. Easily remove items — such as actions, JavaScript, flat form fields, alternate images, embedded page thumbnails, embedded files, document tags, and metadata — from your PDF documents.

Threat protection

Safeguard your APIs by attaching them to out-of-the-box policies such as content type restriction, JSON structure limits, XML threat protection, HTTP message limits, and IP access control.

PDF redaction

Ensure the confidentiality of content while sharing or distributing PDF documents. Redact selected portions of visible content, including images, before sharing PDF files. Redacted areas are permanently removed and appear as blank or grayed out in the PDF document.

Extend your reach with ease​.

Simplify your cloud development and
migration between GCP, AWS, or Azure with zero code rewrites.