Device detection
Easily identify the type of device and its dimensions, group name, description, orientation and features at runtime without needing any plug-ins. Leverage this information to deliver differentiated content for the device and enhance the user experience.
Native device APIs
Use ColdFusion device APIs to easily integrate device functionalities, such as working with contacts; handling files; retrieving geolocation information; recording and playing back audio and video files; and accessing camera features, accelerometer and storage.
Client-side database integration
Work more productively by not having to attach a callback handler when accessing databases. Take advantage of the powerful CFQUERY tag to directly access client-side databases using SQL.
On-device debugging
Use unique on-device debugging capabilities to identify and fix errors in installed apps as well as browser-based mobile applications. Remotely connect a mobile device to ColdFusion Builder and simulate actual usage on the device by stepping through application code. 
Multidevice inspection
Inspect the look and feel of both mobile and web applications on multiple devices using the built-in Weinre server. Modify the properties of elements using ColdFusion Builder, and see the changes take effect in real time in the mobile app.
Server-side access
Work more productively by directly creating instances of ColdFusion components on mobile applications. Easily access server-side logic without creating a proxy or passing complex URLs.
Custom tag framework for UI development 
Extend the functionality of ColdFusion by using the popular server-side custom tag framework on the client side. Reuse and distribute UI components to speed up development and reduce the testing effort.
HTML to PDF conversion
Use the powerful conversion engine from Adobe to generate superior quality PDF files from HTML pages. The engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the content in the PDF file appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining its formatting, layout and hyperlinks.
Social log-in support
Speed up development by doing away with the hassle of implementing a login mechanism from scratch. Easily allow your end users to access your web application with their existing social media accounts. Just use the CFOAUTH tag to let users log in with their Facebook, Google or Twitter identity.
PDF attachments (New)
Turn your PDF files into self-contained documents by attaching all related files to them. When opened in Adobe Acrobat, the PDF file displays a list of attachments so that viewers can dive deeper by simply clicking the attachment name. Programmatically extract PDF attachments as well.
PDF stamp support (New)
Now add stamps to PDF documents. Choose from over 15 stamps, such as confidential, top secret and more, or create your own. Specify the pages and choose the position for the stamp.
Security enhancements
Leverage the new NTLM authentication support on CFSHAREPOINT, CFOBJECT and CFINVOKE to provide authentication, integrity and confidentiality to users. Now easily lockdown ColdFusion Server because the scripts directory has been moved out of the CFIDE directory. Enjoy additional security with web server access to CFIDE now removed by default.
PDF manipulation with Document Description XML (DDX)
Leverage full access to DDX to manipulate PDF documents. Perform advanced tasks, such as adding comments, bookmarks, file attachments and headers and footers with automatic page numbers. Customize the appearance of your PDF files by setting page margins, size and rotation.
PDF digital signatures and archival 
Make PDF files more secure with electronic signatures. Let your users sign, certify and validate PDF files to establish document authenticity and integrity. Leverage new archiving capabilities, including support for PDF/A-2b, to enable preservation of electronic files as long-term, self-contained documents of record.
PDF redaction (New)
Ensure confidentiality of content while sharing or distributing PDF documents. Redact select portions of visible content, including images, before sharing PDF files. Redacted areas are permanently removed and appear as blanked- or grayed-out in the PDF document.
PDF sanitization (New)
Help prevent the unintentional release of sensitive hidden information that can be misused. Easily remove items such as actions, JavaScript, flat form fields, alternate images, embedded page thumbnails, embedded files, document tags and metadata from your PDF documents.
Secure and scalable HTML5 web sockets
Extend the power of HTML5 web sockets to public-facing web applications with real-time server response. Publish data more securely over Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Increase the size and capacity of operations without increasing overhead by scaling web socket applications across multiple nodes in the cluster.
External storage for session scope (New)
Eliminate concerns about memory constraints to store session data because you can now configure an external distributed store to retain session data outside memory. Get rid of sticky session configuration, and enjoy complete load balancing across all cluster nodes.
Connector enhancements 
Confidently update your connector configuration because the previous state can now be restored if an error occurs during configuration. Deploy custom connector settings for every site by creating a separate connector for each one.
Comment exchange across files (New)
Make your review workflows more efficient. Easily export comments from PDF documents to XFDF files or vice versa. Comment positioning in the destination file matches the file from which the comments were imported.
Standardized PDF metadata (New)
Ensure consistency of PDF metadata across the organization. Easily create, share and apply metadata, including copyright notice, authoring data and keywords, by transferring metadata between PDF and XMP files.
Microsoft Office file interoperability
Leverage additional functionalities, such as page break and auto filter, to manage spreadsheets better. Generate PDF files from PowerPoint and Word files. Produce HTML and SWF files from PowerPoint presentations. Take advantage of several performance enhancements to work faster with Office 2010 files.
Powerful search with Apache Solr 
Get flexibility to index and search based on dynamic custom fields, along with support for 17 additional languages. Use the data import handler for improved database indexing, and enjoy better control by reloading individual collections without restarting Solr.
Extensive database support 
Optimize database interaction through better client connection management. Extend the functionality with the support of additional data types. Handle database errors more efficiently through improved exception handling.
Command-line interface (New)
Work faster by using CFML for your scripting needs. Execute CFM files via the command line to work with files, databases and email or invoke web services. Pass named or positional parameters to the CFM files for dynamic customization. 
CFML enhancements
Reduce multiple lines of code to just one by using the safe navigation operator to avoid multiple ISDEFINED or NULL checks. Leverage the new data structure to maintain the insertion order. Use other language enhancements, such as additional member functions, the passarraybyreference setting and searchImplicitScopes, to boost developer productivity and application performance.
Email management
Effectively manage email without writing much code. Easily send email using an SMTP server with the CFMAIL tag. Attach a callback handler to the CFMAIL tag to get delivery notifications. Manage email by connecting to an IMAP server with the CFIMAP tag, and retrieve mail from a POP mail server with the CFPOP tag.
Dynamic and interactive HTML5 charting
Implement a large repository of HTML5 charts using the built-in CFCHART tag. Easily create dynamic, data-heavy charts with a versatile server-side charting engine. Show data in a wide range of interactive formats with features such as zoom-in to help consumers get a granular view of information.


Web services support
Publish and access web services with less code using the revamped engine that supports the WSDL 2.0 specification, SOAP 1.2 and document literal wrapped style. Now generate swagger documents for your REST services based on the metadata configured in the REST CFC and Application CFC.
CFML-based mobile app development
Get a head start in the fast-growing market for mobile apps. Leverage your existing CFML skills to develop mobile apps and use built-in integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build to easily and quickly deliver them as installed apps that run on iOS and Android devices.
Full CFSCRIPT support
Work more productively with complete scripting support for CFSCRIPT. Develop applications faster and more easily by accessing all ColdFusion functionality using CFSCRIPT.
Object-relational mapping support
Build and manage database-independent applications using object-relational mapping (ORM) without writing any SQL. Index and perform a full-text search of ORM entities with the built-in Lucene search engine, and obtain debug information through SQL logging.