Corporate social responsibility

Explore Adobe social impact reports and policies.


2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

See how we put our values into action in 2023 to unleash the power of creativity for social good, advance diversity, equity and inclusion, innovate ethically and responsibly, and enable sustainability at scale.

Powering Digital Experiences with Sustainability

The digital world runs on Adobe products and as a technology leader, we have an opportunity to scale our sustainability efforts and impact by innovating the way we design and deliver those products.

2023 CDP response

We report to CDP’s climate change program to demonstrate our commitment to tackling climate-related risks and opportunities and taking meaningful steps to address climate change.

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Policies and practices

Sustainability Policy

See how we foster a culture of sustainability throughout our global operations.

Human Rights Policy

We operate from a foundation of integrity and ethical conduct, respecting human rights through our employees, business partners and suppliers, and customers.

Taxation Policy

Read about our tax policy, which — together with our job creation efforts, business partnerships, philanthropy programs, and more — helps strengthen the global economy and improve communities and lives.

Managing data security risk

We take the security of our customers’ digital experience seriously and have ingrained security practices into our internal software development and operations processes.