Adobe’s Board of Directors oversees management of the company’s business, driving effective decision-making and performance while serving as advocates for its stockholders to protect their long-term interests. The Board appoints a chief executive officer in a manner that it determines to be in the best interest of its stockholders. The senior management team, including the CEO, is responsible for managing Adobe’s business on a day-to-day basis. 
Our corporate governance documents outline the procedures and practices to guide the Board’s duty as a fiduciary for its stockholders’ long-term interests. The governance documents are operating guidelines and controls that define how the Board fulfills its responsibilities. These guidelines are designed to promote transparency and the highest ethical business practices, enabling a relationship of trust among Adobe’s board, management team, and stockholders. 
We have found that keeping our stockholders informed with clear expectations, communicating Adobe’s guidelines, management strategy, and decision-making approach, creates high satisfaction and value for our stockholders. We encourage you to read Adobe’s corporate governance documents to understand how we operate.

Board of Directors

Dr. Charles M. Geschke
Dr. John E. Warnock
Shantanu Narayen
Chairman and CEO
James E. Daley
Lead Director
Amy Banse
Frank Calderoni
Laura Desmond
Leeny Oberg
Dheeraj Pandey
David Ricks
Dan Rosensweig