Adobe leadership and governance

Learn more about our leaders and operations as well as our environmental, social, and governance standards.

Adobe leadership

Meet the leaders who are driving our performance in this new decade and beyond.

Our Board of Directors is focused on creating long-term value for Adobe stockholders. Members include Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock and experts from a broad range of industries and business categories.

Learn more about Dr. Chuck Geschke and Dr. John Warnock.

Environmental, social, and governance policies and programs

Discover how we approach ethics, responsibility, and fairness throughout our company.

See how we’re creating positive change in education, the environment, and our communities.

See how we put our values into action in 2023 to support our communities, employees, and the world at large.

Learn about the legal and ethical standards and practices we embrace.

Review our investments in building a diverse and inclusive environment for all.

See how we help ensure responsible workplace practices throughout our global supply chain.

See how we put privacy first and build security into everything we do.

Discover how we’re protecting your data.

Corporate governance

Explore the responsibilities, procedures, and practices that guide our Board of Directors and management.