Create the perfect soundtrack.

Enhance and clean up dialogue. Add music and audio effects. Automatically adjust levels. Use AI-powered technology to instantly remix music tracks so they’re the perfect length. Do it all — and more — with the audio post-production tools in {{adobe-premiere-pro}}.

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Enhance sound quality, remove noise, add music and create immersive audio experiences for your videos.

Audio post-production for video editors.

Combine speech, music and sound effects to create a compelling soundtrack with AI-driven audio editing in Premiere Pro.

Hear every word with advanced dialogue editing.

Make all your recorded dialogue sound studio-quality with AI-powered Enhance Speech. Remove background noise, use Auto Ducking to lower music volume during speech and record narration with a built-in voiceover tool. Then, mix it all in a few clicks with automatic loudness and level matching.

Sculpt your sound with audio effects.

Simulate the sound of any space — from a small wardrobe to a world-class concert hall — with built-in Reverb. Choose from over 50 professional audio effects like compressors, limiters and equalisers that include up to 30 bands for precise control over everything that comes out of the speakers.

Find the perfect music track.

Get instant access to music from Adobe Stock libraries right inside Premiere Pro. Explore over 75,000 high-quality tracks in your sequence before licensing.

Mix masterfully.

Take advantage of professional mixer features like faders, panning, channel strips and effects. Automate your levels and other parameters and do it in everything from mono to full surround sound.

Sync music to edited clips.

Change the length of any song to make it fit your video perfectly with the AI-powered Remix tool. Identify ideal cut points, make edits, rearrange and instantly retime music to get to your final mix even faster.

Cut down clicks with AI audio tools.

AI automatically recognises if your clips are music, dialogue, sound effects or ambiance and adds an interactive badge. Just click to get instant access to the most relevant tools for that audio type.

Adobe Audition

Take audio even further with Adobe Audition.

Easily work on your project in Adobe Audition for even more advanced tools. Perform precision edits, restore damaged audio and make your tracks ring out clearly with one of the industry’s best audio editing tool.

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Does Adobe offer stock sound effects?

Adobe offers a free sound effects library that anyone can download and use.

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How do I clean up bad audio in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro has both AI-powered audio restoration features such as Enhance Speech and advanced tools such as Automatic Click Remover to help you clean up bad audio. Get to know the Essential Sound panel to help you to restore dialogue.

What is Auto Ducking and how can it improve my videos?

Auto Ducking uses AI to automatically drop the level of the music track whenever voices are detected to ensure the dialogue is heard.

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Can Premiere Pro remove background noise in my videos?

Yes, use our new AI-powered Enhance Speech tool to help remove background noise in dialogue or try some our many included effects designed to help fix audio (such as Reduce Rumble, DeHum and Reduce Noise).

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How can I match volume levels across multiple clips?

The Auto Match tool in Premiere Pro matches the loudness across dialogue clips, even if they were recorded in different rooms by different voices, making mixing a breeze.


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