Everyone has a dream project. So often, those are the ones we can never dedicate the time and resources to. That’s why we created the Adobe Creative Residency. The mission is simple: to support the creative community and cultivate a culture of creating and sharing.
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This Book is A Camera a project by Kelli Anderson during her residency

The role of a Creative Resident

Your role as a Creative Resident is to create and share. You proactively make inspiring and innovative work. You energetically engage with others by sharing your progress, discoveries and outcomes. You try new tools and workflows in order to explore the potential of your work. You attend events, speak at conferences and collaborate with other leaders in your field. You find value in sharing your work with the larger creative community through sharing all parts of your process.

“I got to finally realize and share many of my dream projects, which may have otherwise died in an old sketchbook. The support of the Adobe Creative Residency has been nothing short of career-changing—what I consider possible for my work has been permanently changed.”
— Kelli Anderson, 2015 Creative Resident
Kelli Anderson, 2015 Creative Resident

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“Studio Desk” illustration by Becky Simpson during her residency

The benefits of being a Creative Resident

  • An entire year to focus on a personal creative project
  • Adobe support and expertise to help you realize your project
  • Access to Creative Cloud
  • Hardware as needed for your project
  • Opportunities to meet and receive guidance from leading creatives
  • Access to participate in creative events including Adobe MAX and 99U
  • Increased exposure and recognition in the creative community
  • Full salary and health benefits

“It feels like a no-risk investment: I put in one year and I'm coming out with five years of experience. There has never been a shortage of opportunities. Having the time, money and the Adobe team rooting for me has been a total game changer. I've become more consistent, confident and creative this year.”
— Becky Simpson, 2015 Creative Resident
Becky Simpson, 2015 Creative Resident


When can I apply for the Creative Residency?
We'll begin accepting applications for the 2018 program year in January.
What are the dates of the Creative Residency year?
The Creative Residency runs from May through April each year.
What questions will I be asked in the application?
If you are applying to the Creative Residency, take time gathering your application materials. We will be looking at your project proposal, alongside your previous work samples to determine if they are a good match for the 2017 program. Here are the kinds of questions you should be prepared to answer in the application.
  • What is your project about? What do you want to accomplish with it
  • How does this project build off work you’ve been doing?
  • What tools will you use?
  • What will your creative process be?
  • How will you share it with the creative community?
  • What will others learn from your project?
While preparing your answers, begin selecting three past projects you want to share with us along with links to your online portfolio and/or Behance page. Do some research on best portfolio styles, by checking out Behance projects from some of our residents like Christine Herrin and Syd Weiler.  
What do I include in the budget section of my application?
Please include costs related to your project alone. You do not need to include your salary, travel or living expenses.
Who owns the work Creative Residents make during the residency?
The Creative Resident retains ownership of all their work created during the residency. The resident grants Adobe a license to use the work they create during the residency and Adobe will work with the resident to ensure the integrity of their work.
Are the Creative Residents paid?
Creative Residents are paid a full salary commensurate with their experience and geographical location. Adobe also covers each resident's travel and project costs, including hardware during the Creative Residency.
What are the eligibility requirements for Adobe Creative Residents?
  • Live in the United States, Germany and Canada
  • Of legal age and status to work in their given country
  • Speak and write fluent English


Are Creative Residents required to relocate?
Creative Residents remain in their current living location with their existing studio setup. Residents will visit our Adobe San Francisco office once a quarter and can expect to spend up to 25% of their time traveling to creative events.
Can Creative Residents work for other clients during the residency?
The focus of the program is for the Creative Resident to work on their project and accomplish their long term goals. Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis.
Can I apply with another person or as a team?
We currently accept only individuals for the Adobe Creative Residency.
What is meant by residents will travel up to 25% percent of the year?
Residents will travel for Creative Jams, Adobe MAX, 99U and other conferences. Residents will work with the program coordinator to determine which trips are most beneficial for their project. Travel will be spread out over the whole year.
Who do I contact about the Creative Residency?
Please drop us a note at CreativeResidency@adobe.com.

“Take a minute and imagine all of those side projects you've been writing down and dreaming about. You know, those ideas you can't stop thinking about. With the Creative Residency Program, you can turn these endeavors into a reality with a year's worth of focus, incredibly supported by Adobe.”
— Nic Annette Miller, 2015 Creative Resident mentor

Get to know our current residents and learn more about the program by reading articles on Create magazine.

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