Driving 420% ROI with Acrobat Sign

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See how using e-signatures with Acrobat Sign can accelerate your revenue while freeing precious resources to tackle higher value work.

Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to discover the impact Acrobat Sign can have on businesses as they digitize workflows.

Join guest speakers Sara Musto, Senior Consultant at Forrester Consulting, and Craig Peasley, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe, as they walk through the Forrester TEI methodology and discuss the benefits, cost savings, and potential impact Acrobat Sign can have on your business.

Watch this webinar and discover how Acrobat Sign helps organizations realize:

  • 28% faster cycle times.
  • $6 savings per signed document.
  • Streamlined business processes in every department of a business.
  • Greater efficiency and time savings in getting important documents signed.
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