Text effects on Letter F

Create one-of-a-kind text effects with Adobe Firefly.

Use the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to turn your words into works of art. Provide a simple text description and Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI web app, will create styles and customised textures for your text.

Text Effects on Letter F

A text effect generator that keeps up with your imagination.

Plain type has its place, but a stylish font can make people stop and pay attention. With generative AI, you can make letters out of bundled electrical wires, pizza, sequins and nearly anything else you can think of.

Firefly Q and q letters with a tropical floral design and a transparent background

Save time on your design.

Generate text effects quickly, so you can go from bright idea to finished product faster than ever. Save your creation as a JPEG with a coloured or transparent background to use wherever you want.

Explore all the options.

Firefly makes experimentation and iteration easy. Each Text Effects generation produces four results, so you have different versions to choose from. You can also determine how closely you want the effect to match the shape of your letters and play with fonts and background colours.

Firefly An as a shiny balloon with a pink background
Firefly gold $ with black background

Use it for fun or work.

In a few minutes you can use Text Effects to level up personal projects like party invitations, stickers or customised greeting cards. But the feature is just as useful for creating sharp designs worthy of your professional work.

Try Text Effects anywhere you want your words to shine.

With the options limited only by what you can type into the prompt field, you can create unique and engaging visuals for everything from marketing materials to social media posts to presentations.

Firefly Z and z letter in colourful yarn with an orange background

How to use Text Effects in Firefly.

Follow these steps to generate cool (or hot, feathery, stripy or furry) AI text effects.

1 Go to Firefly.

Visit  Firefly.adobe.com and sign into your Adobe account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free. Then choose the Text Effects option to open the workspace.

2 Browse the examples.

Scroll over any of the letters in the gallery to see the prompts that generated them. To use one of those prompts, just click the image. Firefly will generate four variations of the text effect with the word “Firefly,” but you can type your own words into the prompt field at the bottom of the page to see how they look.

3 Write your own text prompts.

Enter your text on the left side of the prompt field and a description of the text effect you want to apply on the right. Try different materials, colours and unique phrases and see what happens. (For example, “white birds in cherry trees” and “storm clouds at sunset” produce interesting results.) Get tips for effective text prompts.

4 Generate and regenerate.

Click Generate and wait a few seconds to see the results. To adjust, use the right-hand panel to try sample prompts, adjust how closely the text effects match the letter shape, switch fonts and choose colours for the background and text. (When you use Firefly, you get access to a set number of generative credits. Learn more about generative credits.)

5 Download.

When you’re happy with the text generation, click the Download button in the top right to download your creation as a JPEG. From there it’s easy to add the image to any project.

Start using Text Effects and other generative AI tools.

Jump into Firefly to make something fast, or just to see how far you can push your imagination. In addition to creating never-before-seen typefaces, you can do other amazing things with these Firefly features available in the web app.

Generative Fill

Remove distracting elements or insert completely new objects into your images.

Text to Image

Generate images from simple text descriptions.

Generative Recolor

Change the colour palettes of your vector artwork with detailed text descriptions.

Questions? We have answers.

Text effect AI is the use of artificial intelligence to create and apply visual effects to text. For example, If your plant store is having a cactus sale, you can create an image in which the letters in the word “SALE” appear to be made of blooming cacti.

Generative AI models like Firefly use machine learning and large datasets to create text effects. That means the AI model is trained on thousands and thousands of images so it can transform nearly any text description into a visual style and apply that style to whatever letters or words you provide. Firefly is trained on Adobe, openly licensed content and public domain content where copyright has expired.

The best text effects can work with a variety of prompts and give you options for customisation. Firefly is a great choice because you can use creative prompts to generate textures and styles that make your text stand out. And with Match Shape, Font and Colour options, you can get exactly the look you want. 

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