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Edit photos on the go for free with Lightroom mobile.

Īpašais Melnās piektdienas piedāvājums līdz 17. novembrim! Iegūstiet Photoshop un Lightroom, lai ērti rediģētu, kārtotu, glabātu un kopīgotu savus attēlus. Tikai par 10,07€ mēnesī ar PVN 

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Easily edit your photos anywhere with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Capture photos that match the moment with powerful editing features in an easy-to-use interface on your mobile device, desktop, or the web. Your photos and edits are backed up to the cloud, and organization and search are a snap.


The cloud-based photo service with 1TB of cloud storage

Easily edit your photos anywhere with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Transform your images with Adobe Photoshop.

Bring your creative visions to life with precision editing and compositing tools. Combine multiple images into rich, multilayered artwork. Turn photos into paintings or 3D objects. And now you can harness the power of Photoshop across desktop and iPad to create wherever inspiration strikes.


Image editing and compositing

Transform your images with Photoshop.

Apps included in the Creative Cloud Photography plan.



Uzņemiet apbrīnojamus fotoattēlus neatkarīgi no savas atrašanās vietas.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic

Datoram optimizēta fotoattēlu rediģēšana



Rediģējiet, maketējiet un radiet pievilcīgus attēlus, grafikas un mākslas darbus datorā un ierīcē iPad.

Questions? We have answers.

What's the difference between the photography plans?
The Lightroom plan includes Lightroom and 1TB of cloud storage for accessing and editing photos anywhere. The Creative Cloud Photography plan includes Lightroom with 20GB (or more) of cloud storage, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop.
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Can I try the photography plans before I buy?
Yes. You can download a free seven-day trial of a plan to see if it’s right for you.
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Do I need to be online to use the apps?
No. All your Creative Cloud desktop apps are installed directly on your computer and you don’t need an Internet connection to run them.

Where do I go if I need more information?
We have additional FAQs about all the photography plans to help you pick the perfect one for you. 
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Lightroom plāns

€12,09 mēnesī

Ietver jauno pakalpojumu Lightroom un 1 TB lielu mākoņkrātuvi

Fotogrāfiju apstrādes plāns — īpašais Melnās piektdienas piedāvājums

Ērti rediģējiet, pārveidojiet un kopīgojiet attēlus, izmantojot Lightroom un Photoshop. Pasteidzieties, jo piedāvājums ir spēkā vien līdz 17. novembrim

Tikai pa 10,07€ mēnesī ar PVN.

Fotoattēlu apstrādes plāns

€24,19 mēnesī

Ietver Lightroom datoram un mobilajām ierīcēm, 1 TB lielu mākoņkrātuvi, lietotni Lightroom Classic un Photoshop datoram un ierīcei iPad.

Purchase by phone: 203-0277-764

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