Accelerate DevOps pipeline

Accelerate the DevOps pipeline

CF Setup

Deploy server settings from one instance to another, manage them through a console, and automate your admin tasks seamlessly with CF Setup. Uniformity of applications across servers is now a given.

REST Playground

Create and manage all your REST services from a single application. The simple, intuitive UI makes it a breeze to validate the accuracy of your APIs. Make changes to your REST APIs without having to restart your application.

CLI and Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL)

Work with files, databases, and email, or invoke web services, by executing CFM via the command line. Execute the admin API from the CLI to script your ColdFusion server settings. Test-drive or learn CFML with REPL support in CLI.

Object-relational mapping support

Build and manage database-independent applications using object-relational mapping (ORM) without writing any SQL. Index and perform a full-text search of ORM entities with the built-in Lucene search engine, and obtain debug information through SQL logging.

Email management

Effectively manage email without writing much code. Easily send email using an SMTP server with the CFMAIL tag. Attach a callback handler to the CFMAIL tag to get delivery notifications. Manage email by connecting to an IMAP server with the CFIMAP tag, and retrieve mail from a POP mail server with the CFPOP tag.

PDF manipulation with Document Description XML (DDX)

Leverage full access to DDX to manipulate PDF documents. Perform advanced tasks, such as adding comments, bookmarks, file attachments, and headers and footers with automatic page numbers. Customize the appearance of your PDF files by setting page margins, size, and rotation.

Standardized PDF metadata

Ensure the consistency of PDF metadata across the organization. Easily create, share, and apply metadata, including copyright notice, authoring data, and keywords, by transferring metadata between PDF and XMP files.

HTML to PDF conversion

Use the powerful conversion engine from Adobe to generate superior-quality PDF files from HTML pages. The engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the content in the PDF appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining formatting, layout, and hyperlinks.

ColdFusion Standard

Perfect for developing rich, interactive applications.

3 023,79 € ar PVN

ColdFusion Enterprise

A platform ideally suited to create scalable,
high-performing web applications.

11 493,79 € ar PVN

ColdFusion Builder

A robust IDE for web and mobile application development.