Hyper realistic 3D Car Design with Substance 3D

Automotive and Transportation

Transportation designers are looking for more intuitive and adaptive tools to help with their creative workflows, as well as solutions to simplify collaboration with digital design reviews. This also means digitizing the color and trim design process by facilitating material sampling and exploration.  


The Adobe Substance 3D toolset integrates smoothly with popular car design software such as CATIA and Rhino 3D. You can take your vehicle design to the next level thanks to integration with other popular car rendering programs such as VRED and 3DExcite Deltagen, and compatibility with the Corona and V-Ray renderers. 


In the last few years, the transportation design industry has seen a surge in the need for real-time visualization and immersive projects, such as augmented and virtual reality. This trend goes hand in hand with game development tools being used more and more by transportation design professionals. The Substance 3D apps integrate effortlessly with real-time game engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and are well-adapted for AR and VR workflows. 

Thousands of photorealistic materials for 3D vehicle rendering.

Materials for Vehicle Rendering

“Substance has freed my time. I can download rich resources directly from the ready-made material library and directly check the specific material’s look in Unreal Engine. Also, I can try different variations through the presets of the .sbsar file.”


Discover the vast curated library of 3D materials for automotive texturing in the Substance 3D asset library, including car paints, leathers, plastics, textiles, and composites. Our wide range of high-end materials are fully customizable, and they all include presets for faster iteration as well as .sbs source files. 


Each material includes a wide range of editable parameters:

  •  Finish effects and process-driven surface aspects. These help designers and visualization experts work with precise reproductions of real-world manufacturing details, like the orange peel on car paint.
  • Design and pattern generation. These Substance materials behave like generators: They enable car designers to iterate on form and design at the same time. It’s even possible to add your own 2D patterns as inputs.

Create your own 3D automotive materials from scans or photos.

Automotive Materials from Scans or Photos

Visualizing a car seat in a photorealistic way requires the accurate creation of its materials. Color and trim designers are used to working every day with physical material samples and color swatches. 


The Substance 3D apps provide the best-in-class technology to turn physical samples into digital materials, ready to be used in VRED, 3DExcite Deltagen, or Unreal Engine. Material inputs can come from any material scanner such as X-Rite Tac7, Vizoo, or even your own custom device. 

Quick iteration in 3D on color harmonies, material, and finish.

3D on Color Harmonies, Material, & Finish

“I see Substance as a research tool as well as a rendering tool. I want to use it to communicate on my projects.”


Enterprise users can easily import CAD data with supported formats such as IGES and STEP. Tessellation options allow you to convert your data in different quality geometries for high-quality image rendering or export to web and mobile workflows. 


Drag and drop materials you've created or downloaded from the Substance 3D asset library for quick iteration. Import vector designs directly from Adobe Illustrator and export straight to Adobe Photoshop. 


The intuitive image processing workflow in Substance 3D Sampler facilitates the import of pictures of physical samples shot with your smartphone. 


Substance 3D Stager features a physically based staging workflow to easily create 3D scenes and set up your own virtual photo studio. Its lightning-fast interactive rendering capabilities allow you to tweak your scene and create the final render with the powerful offline path tracer. 

Get creative with your transportation design.

Transportation Design

    credit: Pascal Seifert 

“Iteration in the early concept phase is something our designers want, and Substance provides the flexibility to do it.”


Our tools make it easier than ever to iterate on your car interior design. Get creative with our material painting tools, apply your own stitches with a dedicated feature, and easily add many details by hand in Painter. You can also browse our material library for a fast start and quick results.


VR sculpting in Substance 3D Modeler (beta) will allow you to accelerate speed for modeling and clay modeling as well, placing you in an immersive environment to get a better feel for shapes, proportions, and attitude. 


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